Monday, April 09, 2018

sxsw 2018:: top picks

ok, i know, this is almost a month late. but you know what they say, better that than never, right? either the talent was really great this year, or i just got stupid lucky, because all the stuff i heard over the course of a week was pretty ah-mazing. here are some recos of bands you should try out to expand your musical collection.

>caroline rose:: caught these guys (fronted by, you guessed it, a lady called caroline rose) at banger's kinda early on in the week. a vision of red, caroline rose also sports a guitar - much appreciated when i see that, and sings kitschy, genre-bending tunes with a ton of enthusiasm. check out this video for "money," but also make sure you listen to their other tracks from their newly released new west records album, loner. visit their site, linked at the beginning of the post, to see the laundry list of tour dates coming up.

>the frights: easily my favorite new find of the entire week. they certainly boast that west coast retro-ish surf sound that i like my ears to make out with. i was also highly entertained by their mid-to-end of the set covers mash up, and it was a real crowd pleaser. even more impressive than that is the fact that they don't do the same covers mash up for each set, which i know, because i saw them more than once. had to. get at them! you can see them during the shaky knees festival in atlanta on may 4.

>dentist: this was a total surprise find, for the only reason i decided to preview the tunes on the sxsw app is because of the band's name and how it's the same as my dude's profession. happy accident! you've got a female-fronted outfit who is seemingly angelic, and confirms that with ethereal vocals smothered over gritty rock. bonus - their merch shirts have a sloth on them. a sloth. coming to a venue probably near you this summer.

that should be enough to hold us all over for a few weeks. if you notice any of these kids playing near you, venture out and see them.
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