Wednesday, April 19, 2017

riot fest 2017 line-up announced

get your tickets today at noon for riot fest. nine inch nails? yes, please. but, that same response to a ton of others. check it out.

Friday, April 07, 2017

cold war kids - new album out today 4/7

they've been around for a while and i still love 'em. i like that i'm seeing them more than circa 2005. like, i don't have to seek them out - they're just there. on the radio. at a venue. ya know, places. anyway, expect to hear more now that their new album la divine is out. cold war kids bring their anthem-like tracks to the world. you can sample some of this here with 'love is mystical.' it's got me excited for the rest of it. listen.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

a lot like birds - for shelley

death cab for cutie might have had a baby with afi. if that happened, then the product was a lot like birds. hey, that's fun, right? a little throwback action for ya. if you like this, you can catch them in person as they tour around the country. austin is up april 27th at grizzly hall. that is going to be an insane week for shows, guys.

coast modern - pockets full of no

i'm going to go out on a limb and say you'll dig this if you're into the twenty one pilots. coast modern is sharing some slow jazz-ish funk-ish musical goodness with the world on this track. they'll be in austin on 5/3 at parish, so that might be a cool place to check out this unique blend of jam.

gus & jim - boyhood

another slow-paced tune for your hump day, gus & jim have released a video for their single, 'boyhood.' it feels like swimming in the ocean at dusk.

broods announce north american tour

broods are going on tour this spring/summer and maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch them. they aren't coming my way, unfortunately, because i woulda been all over that like white on rice.

if you're not familiar yet, try the popular route with 'heartlines.'

small black - between leos

after all of the incredibly amazing rock i've been getting lately, this is kind of a nice change from small black. a chill, happy-sounding song with keys and light guitars that's a smooth as freshly churned butter. if you're looking for something to do in austin this weekend that's not a music festival (ahem, euphoria, ahem), then head over to sidewinder on friday, april 7th and see these guys in the flesh.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

white reaper - the world's best american band - out 4/7

hey, guys, heads up. one of the top three bands i saw at sxsw is releasing a new album this friday, so you should get on it. white reaper will slather a smattering of punk rock all over your ear canal, and you will love it. i've been listening to what they've released ahead of the album, and it's kind of perfection. legit stuff. they're also going on tour as bands tend to do with new music, so you can catch them april 25th at the sidewinder in austin, or in another spot near you. check their site for the deets. wanna try before you buy? don't we all. here you go.

louise lemon - purge ep

this is for you if you're into lana del rey and that slow, sultry, heart-breaking stuff. louise lemon from sweden is creating just that with her new ep, purge. here is my favorite track from it, thirst.

mermaidens - lizard

if you're found wanting for the 90s and some garbage-esque chick alt rock, you should check out mermaidens and this song lizard. seriously, there is 90s barf all over this one. i thought for a second that i was about to have to get up and trek to third period when i was listening to it.

float fest 2017 - line-up announced

i typically stay far away from public water, like pool or lakes or rivers, but this might get me to change my tune. float fest has announced the line-up for this year's july festival in san marcos, tx, and, it's a good one. you've got weezer, cage the elephant, girl talk, mgmt, passion pit, neon indian, and sweet spirit just to name the few that have me excited. get your tickets here. you may see me out of my element on an inner tube with a refreshing beverage floating down the river. that should be enough motivation right there. cheers!