Monday, March 20, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 5:: march 16

what a day of interesting acts. here's what we ended up with from thursday evening's pool of bands.

the fin - japan

first stop was to maggie mae's rooftop to see their japan night kickoff. does anything get better than japanese shoegaze dream rock? not really. listen to what they're smacking you up with right here - kind of reminds me of something that might end a john hughes movie, yeah?:

second stop of the night was over to buffalo billards where i caught two bands.

spook school - edinburgh, scotland

at first glance, i thought the drummer was pantsless, so i figured it would be one hell of a set. but it turns out that he was just wearing really short shorts. it's poppy and bright, and they clearly like to be on stage. thumbs up.

le butcherettes - guadalajara, mexico

this was definitely one of the more interesting acts. full of the kind of live performance anyone paying money for a show could hope for. mad props for keeping me intrigued for an entire half hour. i'll actually get to see them later on this year with at the drive in at stubb's. you should probably be there, too. might wanna bring a back-up face, though, for when your primary one gets rocked off.

back over to maggie mae's for another japanese act.

tokyo ska paradise orchestra - tokyo, japan

i don't have to tell you much about these guys since their name pretty much says it all. it's a japanese ska band. and, it's fun.

the next stop had me heading to red river to check out cheer up charlie's.

white reaper - louisville, ky

i ended up seeing these guys three times over the course of the week. but i didn't care because they were amazing. yes, there was moshing. yes, there was crowd-surfing. yes, there was all of this because you can't be punk rock without it.

next and final stop was barracuda, where i think i spent the most time this week. they just had all the good shit.

japanese breakfast - philadelphia, pa

guys, i was so excited to see this band, and missed them due to long lines earlier in the week, so finding them playing a secret show was such a huge win. i have shared them with you before (play below), and loooooved it. but i'll be damned, the live show fell way short of my expectations. sad face.

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