Thursday, March 16, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 4:: march 15

totally made up for the week in just one night by hitting a record five bands. and, by some miracle, they were mostly amazing! that never happens.

we started off the night on rainey street at lustre pearl and stayed for quite some time to catch three bands, and to eat FREE TACOS. thanks to taco bell and their feed the beat program, my stomach and my ears were high fiving each other.

beach slang - philadelphia, pa

kicking things off right, y'all. with a sound reminiscent of your early 2000s punk rockish bands, beach slang gave an excellent performance. i think my two stand-out favorite parts of their set were the ruffled tuxedo shirt donned by the lead singer, and the fact that they closed with a cover of the pixies 'where is my mind.' seriously, made my night. i looooove that song. and, they did it justice. for fans of my chemical romance. check this out::

bleached - los angeles, ca

my favorite of the night, hands down, was bleached. i'm really digging the female representation i'm seeing this week. i've been listening to their recorded stuff for months now, so this was a treat. if you're into punk grunge, this is for you. super plus that they're nice to look at while they jam. here's the song that hooked me on them.

minus the bear - seattle, wa

this band has been around for way long, and this is the first time i've been able to catch them live. they definitely have a powerful set of tunes. they have a new album out in case you want to try some of that. here's one of the singles off said album.

after minus the bear, we headed to elysium to catch a band i discovered from npr's top 100 of sxsw playlist. what a great resource, if you're looking to find something new.

cherry glazerr - los angeles, ca

guys, this band is incredible. the lead singer is a monster on the guitar, and just in general. she's engaging, and has got the crazy eyes down like a champ. mad respect for her and the band's hard rock outfit. even though they tend to be on the more hard rock side, they definitely have a softer edge with the female vocals and keys. it's a unique combo, and one to be heard. check out this single from the album they released a couple months ago.

there was one more stop for the night, all the way west of congress to the iron bear. i can't even believe i was able to stay up late enough for this. i'm so old, you guys.

creepoid - philadelphia, pa

okay, i wasn't super impressed by this. imagine you have a neighbor that jams with their friends in the garage every weekend. but they don't jam like high school kids. they jam like high school kids in the 90s. that's this band. you may enjoy that - yeah? well, you can try some of it out, if you like.

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