Wednesday, March 15, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 3:: march 14

i got an earlier start last night, but managed to see exactly one band, despite hitting about 4 parties - including twitch/reddit, and apple music, where i was gifted with a really ugly bright ass neon orange beanie for some reason. guys, you would not believe the lines, either. anyway, how about i share what i did manage to come away with (other than a newfound hatred for lines).

tennis system - los angeles, ca

we hit barracuda's german haus to see an act that's not german. go figure. tennis system has a dreamy pop rock sound that's so fuzzy, you'll think you're snuggling up with chewbacca while listening to it. don't be fooled, though. these guys are not boring while on stage wailing out that sweet sound. for a three piece, they are loud, and somehow unassuming at the same time. please imbibe in a sample:

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