Tuesday, March 14, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 2:: march 13

monday is a school night. there's none of this spring break nonsense when you're an adult, ya know. therefore, rather than wasting my precious night hours standing in line at the SPIN house or mohawk, i opted to hit the capital one house at antone's since it boasted at least 2 acts i knew would be the shizz AND free dranks. win. win.

a giant dog - austin, tx

i've heard of these cats (or, dogs?), but haven't had the opportunity to catch them until now. if there is anything you do this year, seeing this band should be among those things. front lady sabrina ellis is my spirit sister - proven to me by her desire to wear no pants. she flailed. she crooned. she got out in the crowd and danced in a way that put jennifer beal's flashdance number to absolute shame. i'll just let you watch some of it here with 'sleep when dead':

i also caught matthew logan vasquez, but i was not nearly as moved as i was during a giant dog. he's got a backwoods kind of thing going on that i imagine would've fit in beautifully at all the frat parties i used to go to during my time in south georgia.

black joe lewis and the honeybears - austin, tx

while i didn't get to witness this because they went on past my bed time, i was super excited about checking them out. get yourself a little funk rock with PTP:

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