Monday, March 13, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 1:: march 12

well, technically, today begins the music portion of sxsw, but you know i was out and about last evening scrounging up some recos for you ahead of time. you're welcome!

we hit hotel vegas, where there were three stages set up. no shortage of any kind of music you could want there. personally, these are the two out of maybe seven that i caught that i felt the need to share with you.

mean jolene - austin, tx

good lord, that surf garage sound has me all sixes and sevens, y'all. check out their song, 'cocaine,' in this here vidyah. you'll have a hard time not singing along to those woo ah woo ah wooos.

pollen rx - austin, tx

here's some more dirty, gritty, girl powered rock for you. soak in those retro vibes. they're as easy to absorb as the texas sun. i'm really digging on the lead chick's raspy thing.

of course, i'm sporting that coveted wristband this year, so hopefully, i'll have more for you as the week goes on. definitely planning to hit up the burger records parties, and a few others. stay tuned.
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