Monday, March 20, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 5:: march 16

what a day of interesting acts. here's what we ended up with from thursday evening's pool of bands.

the fin - japan

first stop was to maggie mae's rooftop to see their japan night kickoff. does anything get better than japanese shoegaze dream rock? not really. listen to what they're smacking you up with right here - kind of reminds me of something that might end a john hughes movie, yeah?:

second stop of the night was over to buffalo billards where i caught two bands.

spook school - edinburgh, scotland

at first glance, i thought the drummer was pantsless, so i figured it would be one hell of a set. but it turns out that he was just wearing really short shorts. it's poppy and bright, and they clearly like to be on stage. thumbs up.

le butcherettes - guadalajara, mexico

this was definitely one of the more interesting acts. full of the kind of live performance anyone paying money for a show could hope for. mad props for keeping me intrigued for an entire half hour. i'll actually get to see them later on this year with at the drive in at stubb's. you should probably be there, too. might wanna bring a back-up face, though, for when your primary one gets rocked off.

back over to maggie mae's for another japanese act.

tokyo ska paradise orchestra - tokyo, japan

i don't have to tell you much about these guys since their name pretty much says it all. it's a japanese ska band. and, it's fun.

the next stop had me heading to red river to check out cheer up charlie's.

white reaper - louisville, ky

i ended up seeing these guys three times over the course of the week. but i didn't care because they were amazing. yes, there was moshing. yes, there was crowd-surfing. yes, there was all of this because you can't be punk rock without it.

next and final stop was barracuda, where i think i spent the most time this week. they just had all the good shit.

japanese breakfast - philadelphia, pa

guys, i was so excited to see this band, and missed them due to long lines earlier in the week, so finding them playing a secret show was such a huge win. i have shared them with you before (play below), and loooooved it. but i'll be damned, the live show fell way short of my expectations. sad face.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 4:: march 15

totally made up for the week in just one night by hitting a record five bands. and, by some miracle, they were mostly amazing! that never happens.

we started off the night on rainey street at lustre pearl and stayed for quite some time to catch three bands, and to eat FREE TACOS. thanks to taco bell and their feed the beat program, my stomach and my ears were high fiving each other.

beach slang - philadelphia, pa

kicking things off right, y'all. with a sound reminiscent of your early 2000s punk rockish bands, beach slang gave an excellent performance. i think my two stand-out favorite parts of their set were the ruffled tuxedo shirt donned by the lead singer, and the fact that they closed with a cover of the pixies 'where is my mind.' seriously, made my night. i looooove that song. and, they did it justice. for fans of my chemical romance. check this out::

bleached - los angeles, ca

my favorite of the night, hands down, was bleached. i'm really digging the female representation i'm seeing this week. i've been listening to their recorded stuff for months now, so this was a treat. if you're into punk grunge, this is for you. super plus that they're nice to look at while they jam. here's the song that hooked me on them.

minus the bear - seattle, wa

this band has been around for way long, and this is the first time i've been able to catch them live. they definitely have a powerful set of tunes. they have a new album out in case you want to try some of that. here's one of the singles off said album.

after minus the bear, we headed to elysium to catch a band i discovered from npr's top 100 of sxsw playlist. what a great resource, if you're looking to find something new.

cherry glazerr - los angeles, ca

guys, this band is incredible. the lead singer is a monster on the guitar, and just in general. she's engaging, and has got the crazy eyes down like a champ. mad respect for her and the band's hard rock outfit. even though they tend to be on the more hard rock side, they definitely have a softer edge with the female vocals and keys. it's a unique combo, and one to be heard. check out this single from the album they released a couple months ago.

there was one more stop for the night, all the way west of congress to the iron bear. i can't even believe i was able to stay up late enough for this. i'm so old, you guys.

creepoid - philadelphia, pa

okay, i wasn't super impressed by this. imagine you have a neighbor that jams with their friends in the garage every weekend. but they don't jam like high school kids. they jam like high school kids in the 90s. that's this band. you may enjoy that - yeah? well, you can try some of it out, if you like.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

wednesday news round-up

haven't done one of these in a hot minute (read:: YEARS), so why not? here is some material for the water cooler.

>snoop dogg - if that's what we're calling him again - uses his craft to poke fun at our new president, causing him to cry about it. boo-freakin'-hoo.

>dolly parton's old manager, who was with her for a super long time, has passed. she's sad about it, of course.

>everyone's favorite pop ginger is going to be on game of thrones. where on earth will they fit him in? are there other gingers on GOT? hmmm...

>thanks to these ridiculous US border regulations as of late, sxsw is pretty much ruined for international artists who are just trying to be relevant.

>dear lollapalooza, $4200 for your luxury experience? who is buying this, and are they single?

>if you're really missing the heyday of the cranberries, you're in luck!

>david bowie has gone into space posthumously.

>rihanna is going to be in an artsy movie with the douchebag from 'girls.'

>while i'm not a huge fan of adele, she is rather funny.

sxsw 2017:: day 3:: march 14

i got an earlier start last night, but managed to see exactly one band, despite hitting about 4 parties - including twitch/reddit, and apple music, where i was gifted with a really ugly bright ass neon orange beanie for some reason. guys, you would not believe the lines, either. anyway, how about i share what i did manage to come away with (other than a newfound hatred for lines).

tennis system - los angeles, ca

we hit barracuda's german haus to see an act that's not german. go figure. tennis system has a dreamy pop rock sound that's so fuzzy, you'll think you're snuggling up with chewbacca while listening to it. don't be fooled, though. these guys are not boring while on stage wailing out that sweet sound. for a three piece, they are loud, and somehow unassuming at the same time. please imbibe in a sample:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 2:: march 13

monday is a school night. there's none of this spring break nonsense when you're an adult, ya know. therefore, rather than wasting my precious night hours standing in line at the SPIN house or mohawk, i opted to hit the capital one house at antone's since it boasted at least 2 acts i knew would be the shizz AND free dranks. win. win.

a giant dog - austin, tx

i've heard of these cats (or, dogs?), but haven't had the opportunity to catch them until now. if there is anything you do this year, seeing this band should be among those things. front lady sabrina ellis is my spirit sister - proven to me by her desire to wear no pants. she flailed. she crooned. she got out in the crowd and danced in a way that put jennifer beal's flashdance number to absolute shame. i'll just let you watch some of it here with 'sleep when dead':

i also caught matthew logan vasquez, but i was not nearly as moved as i was during a giant dog. he's got a backwoods kind of thing going on that i imagine would've fit in beautifully at all the frat parties i used to go to during my time in south georgia.

black joe lewis and the honeybears - austin, tx

while i didn't get to witness this because they went on past my bed time, i was super excited about checking them out. get yourself a little funk rock with PTP:

Monday, March 13, 2017

sxsw 2017:: day 1:: march 12

well, technically, today begins the music portion of sxsw, but you know i was out and about last evening scrounging up some recos for you ahead of time. you're welcome!

we hit hotel vegas, where there were three stages set up. no shortage of any kind of music you could want there. personally, these are the two out of maybe seven that i caught that i felt the need to share with you.

mean jolene - austin, tx

good lord, that surf garage sound has me all sixes and sevens, y'all. check out their song, 'cocaine,' in this here vidyah. you'll have a hard time not singing along to those woo ah woo ah wooos.

pollen rx - austin, tx

here's some more dirty, gritty, girl powered rock for you. soak in those retro vibes. they're as easy to absorb as the texas sun. i'm really digging on the lead chick's raspy thing.

of course, i'm sporting that coveted wristband this year, so hopefully, i'll have more for you as the week goes on. definitely planning to hit up the burger records parties, and a few others. stay tuned.