Monday, January 23, 2017

death valley girls

i thought i would try to find something on my own to share with you on this monday, and lo and behold - i did it. here is something to lift up the shittiest day of the week...the death valley girls! yes, girls. girl garage punk that could've been transported here from the 80s on the coattails of the runaways. thanks to the brilliant humans over at burger records for pushing this on their home page, otherwise i may have missed it. check out their latest album that was released over the summer, glow in the dark. here's a little taste from the title track:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

america - ulrich ellison and the tribe

america - ulrich ellison and the tribe i know you guys think i just get an inbox full of rainbows and great music, but that's not the reality of things. every now and then, i feel the need to share the truth. i sift through an enormous amount of shit before i find something worthy of your beautiful ears. for instance, this, from right here in austin, tx:

ulrich ellison. better grab yourself a sleeve of crackers, because this stuff is low-quality processed cheese. i get the jabs at the's not like they're subtle. maybe a little overdone, though. anyway, please watch this video if you need something to make you uncomfortable about the state of rock music. yikes.

collide - vanbot

want a little bit of that swedish ethereal electro stuff to feed your ears with? then why not try out this gem from vanbot? it's got a purity ring / phantogram vocal vibe to it that i'm really latching on to. bonus is the brilliant synth work accompanying that sweetness.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the 19 hands

hell. yes. i think my first foray into garage punk was with the films like ten years ago. i think obsessed is a good term to use how i felt about them. so, i have to say i’m pretty excited about this little four-song release from the 19 hands. it’s gritty and surf-like and beautiful all at the same time. you can sample all the goodness below:

awake – freedom fry

here’s a fun tune from freedom fry (i don’t get the name at all). if you’re into of monsters and men, you’ll probably dig this. it’s got a folky, whimsical vibe to it that reminds me of sunshine…something i feel like i haven’t seen or felt in eons lately.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

surf cassette

we all know italy produces a bunch of good things. like wine, and oil, and numerous comfort food recipes. right? well, let's add to that list with surf cassette. they're nice enough to share many tracks at once, which you can stream below. they have my heart with short, rock infused ditty tunes that boast a tinge of retro punk. they call it garage pop - totally fitting. it makes me feel like i'm at my boyfriend's band practice ogling over his semi-expert shredding of the six string. lyrically speaking, they don't give a fuck. and, they'll tell you so. point is, if you're looking for something bad ass that none of your friends know about, you'll be a hero with this. trust me.