Tuesday, December 06, 2016

mail call - only the good

my inbox is popular this week. so that means i'll have to do a wrap up. but really, how are all you people finding me? i thought i was staying hidden pretty well...regardless, i kept the shitty music on the shelf. you're welcome.

hana oceans - invincible borders

here's something i can listen to without wanting to rip my ears straight off my head. i can't tell you how many emails i had to sift through to get back here, so a huge thank you to hana oceans for that. piano-synth and drum beats make the music the perfect accompaniment to the husky vocals. i imagine this to be the soundtrack i'd be jamming to if i were sipping on an expensive brown liquor in a dark hotel bar. get me?

newtimers - she's a gun

please watch this video so you can laugh with me. it's like 2/5 of an 80s boy band decided to visit the future and remind us all why we loved the gap band. seriously, if things went a little differently for justin timberlake, this is how he would've ended up. tell me i'm wrong! but overall, all kidding aside, it IS a rather catchy tune with a chorus you can easily pick up, so try it out.

freedom fry - linger

well, duh. guaranteed post when you send me a cover. bonus points for the cover hitting a song from my teenage years so that i can modernly curl up in the nostalgia of unnatural red hair dye and babydoll dresses. so if you remember the cranberries and want to hear some justice done on one of their biggest hits, saddle up to this cover by freedom fry. it reminds me of the weepies.

alison wonderland - messiah

remember imogen heap? this is for you if you were into that. it's pretty sexy. and what i mean by that is you'll probably hear it being belted out in some dance club full of twenty-somethings using their hips to talk body. makes sense since alison wonderland is doubles as a dj.

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