Tuesday, December 13, 2016

mail call - 12/13/16 edition

radiant baby – gloss & love

if you’re looking for something fun, try out this new one from radiant baby. the lyrics are awesome. it’s like everything buffalo bill would spout out, except in a fun, upbeat and totally not creepy manner. it’s 80s synth pop, if you’re into that.

gangly – blow out

when it’s time to settle down and bring that heart rate to a decent thump, gangly’s got you covered with ‘blow out.’ i'm in love with this song. i can feel the level of stress lift from my bones just by strapping my headphones on with it. if you need some of that in your life, well, have at it.

fred thomas – voiceover

i’m not in love with this song, but since dude will be playing mohawk on 2/16, i thought i would share it with you. you might dig this if you’re into singer-songwriter types that like to string a bunch of words together in a confusing and brazen way. yeah?

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