Monday, December 19, 2016

day for night festival 2016 - wrap up

we spent the weekend in houston at the 2016 day for night festival, which features bands, electronic artists, and displays of art made from lights. it was a cool experience, and if you didn’t get out there this year, don’t worry. 2017 is right around the corner! here’s a little recap of what we witnessed over the course of almost two days.


chet faker

nick murphy, alias chet faker – as most of you may know him, put on good set, ending on a really slow note with a piano-only song and a simple thank you and goodbye to the crowd. fitting, i guess, as before that, he was working up a sweat crooning and shredding his signature songs. if he played the song that got me hooked on him, i didn’t catch it, but you can listen to ‘fool of me’ on youtube right here.

blood orange

easily one of my favorite acts of the weekend, although unfortch, his vocals weren’t nearly as loud as i think they should’ve been…anyway – the crowd was feeling just as into as i was, which was totally evident when he and his back-up singers started on ‘you’re not good enough.’ guys, i posted about this a long time ago, and this shit holds up. the rest of his catalog is just as legit. plenty of dance tunes to get your party started and keep it going for however many hours necessary. see why I love it so much right here.


yet another act that had me swaying to the sound of electronic bliss! these cats had a drum line on stage and it was glorious. i can get waaaay behind odesza, mostly because they’ve got a solid vocal accompaniment to their synth vibes. this show showered fans with a slew of confetti during the epic final song, which only made me wanna party that much more.

john carpenter

how often can you say you’ve seen a legendary composer do his thing amidst a powerful line-up of modern day electro-superstars? if you think you don’t know this guy, you actually probably do. ever had the creepy theme of the halloween franchise invade your head and chill your bones? you can thank mr. carpenter for that. so, yeah, i got to hear the master himself play it to a crowd of ecstatic concert-goers. one of the coolest things EVAR, i tell ya.

aphex twin

headlining the whole shebang was aphex twin. i cannot tell a lie, i found this to be kind of boring. the most exciting part of the whole thing was when the sky opened up at the same time the temp dropped thirty degrees. this is where i hauled ass like the wimp i am. basically, all you can expect here is a guy twisting some knobs in a nonchalant way to, what i can say, are engaging graphics on the big screen. i did enjoy watching that story unfold. and, you know who did enjoy it immensely? bjork, who was spotted dancing in the rain as dude smacked down the electro-beat. there you have it.


a new and welcomed discovery came from nothing, who, despite the freezing temperature, managed to strip away part of my face with their rock tunes. although it’s labeled as shoegaze, this goodness for certain has a nineties grunge vibe to it that any 30- to 40-something can appreciate.

ariel pink

donning santa hats and christmas sweaters, ariel pink brought their psych funk groove like a group of champions. ariel pink for sure has an engaging look and air about himself that commands you to dig into your voyeuristic side. the magnetism is strong with this one, and the music speaks to that. i didn’t even notice that i couldn’t feel my toes during their set.

s u r v i v e

an austin based tribe, s u r v i v e was quite popular. after all, they did score the music for the cult hit, stranger things. again, i find electronic groups hard to watch since they don’t typically jump around or try to pump up the crowd, but this particular form of mellow was just what was needed after 24 hours of hopping around. i like their space pizza compositions.



one of the coolest displays of light art came from tundra. in what sounded like a thunderstorm, i watched a large field of red lasers chime on and off in sync with thunder claps and lightning crashes and other whirrs of sound.

united visual artists

the other super fun art exhibit came from united visual artists, based in the UK. there was a string of planet type objects floating in mid-air while eclipsing lights spun around them to space-like sounds. there's a short clip of this on our Instagram account so you can see for yourself how calm and cool it is.
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