Monday, November 07, 2016

sound on sound festival wrap-up

we spent the weekend outside in some rain and slightly cool weather to do a bit of stage hopping and discover some new music, as well as revel in some staples at the sound on sound festival. the bigger names i got to catch included phantogram, which was way more intense than i would think, purity ring, AND - the dead milkmen! here's the new stuff what i walked away with...


from spain! i have a newfound girl crush on the frontwoman of hinds. they released an album several months ago, which you can preview on soundcloud here. they've got a fifties surf/sock hop style that's kind of garage-y. sample one of their tracks and see what i mean.

empress of

while i don't find a one woman show particularly exciting, empress of was musically decent and a welcomed find. between keys, electronics, and drums, she brought it. i'm sharing this specific track because i also caught the range and that's who remixed this. two sound on sound artists in one! what a bargain.


i was pretty blown away (literally with all the bass) by health. how so much good noise can come from so little is baffling and super impressive. i find myself becoming increasingly intrigued by this electronic movement. if you need something to sway to, check out this track.

kero kero bonito

this was probably the most fun of all the bands i saw. and by fun, i mean adorable pop with kitsch lyrics and k-pop-like vibes. they know how to get a crowd to jump around...just make a song called 'trampoline' and ask them to. perfection.


last, but not least, baio. refreshing new wave electro dance music. sign me UP. but really, if you're into the new wave like myself, this is a must listen.

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