Wednesday, November 30, 2016

surf rock is dead – in between

i’m really into this single from surf rock is dead, especially the drum beats. i’m reminded of that indie rock vibe from circa 2005-2007 from outfits like rock kills kid, nada surf, and snow patrol. that should give you a good idea of what to expect with this one. considering those are still staples in my collection, it's safe to say that surf rock is dead has another fan. if you're in brooklyn, philly, or DC, you can catch them live this week (visit their site for dates).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the besnard lakes - laura lee

now that we've survived both family and overindulgent shopping holidays, we can focus once again on music. let's jump back in with a psychedelic shoe-gazey track from the besnard lakes (from canada, eh!) - 'laura lee.' listening to this makes me feel like i'm attending a private concert in the bottom of a giant coffee mug. that's not's relaxing. i'm zenned out with this stuff, folks. give it a try.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

corniglia - oh my love

are you about to head into a shitstorm of family drama and questions about your love life? sucks for you! nah, kidding. how about this earthy and chill tune from australia's corniglia to offset some of that holiday anxiety? i promise that the 'oh my love, try to keep it together' mantra throughout the chorus will help you meditate it out like a pro.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

teammate - we belong cover

guys, i love pat benetar. if you happen to catch me after about four vodka sodas and i'm in a room full of fellow drunks and a karaoke set up, you will definitely witness my rendition of 'love is a battlefield.' it's scary. what's not scary is this cover from teammate of ms. benetar's greatest hit - 'we belong.' the music sounds more 80s than the original sounds with all the alien synth, and it's glorious.

Monday, November 21, 2016

night drive - rise and fall

austin's night drive just released a new single, 'rise and fall.' anyone who knows me has to know that i am a huge new wave fan. so, when i happened upon night drive on accident, my insides got all jiggly from the excitement. not only do they have stellar tracks, they also put on a fancy ass live show that begs for booty movement and puppy dogs and ice cream. it's all synth and borderline british-sounding vocals, and it's brilliant. try out the new single, and if you like that, get up on 'easy to lie.' AND - if you're doing the whole day for night festival, you'll be able to catch them sunday, december 18th.

luke wade - three days

i'm really not into this kind of sappy songwriter tune, but this might tickle your fancy. especially if you're into ray lamontagne or james blunt. luke wade, who, by the way, is playing stubb's on february 9th, has a cute little number about how he got slapped pretty hard in the face with 'the one' when he really wasn't expecting it. it's a tad catchy. you can watch it here: TEAM COCO

cloves - better now

amen, hallelujah, and any other word that sings praise! cloves has reawakened my ears with her new single, 'better now.' this is for fans of sia and all the glory of some kick ass vocals and words that speak to the entire population of us sad souls who have taken a beating on the heart and then picked up and moved the fuck on. this is some special ish, guys. please listen to it and revel in the truth. you're welcome.

Friday, November 18, 2016

keegan joyce - cooma

you know how bad i typically hate singer songwriter stuff? there's just sooooo much of it. i can't handle it! well, there's also those exceptions to my rule to trash that shit. like sufjan stephens. or andrew bird. or damien rice. or glenn hansard. you get the idea. if any of those dudes make you long for some sappy love song spun on an acoustic guitar, then you will most likely be into this tune by keegan joyce.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

bell - bang bang (remember my name)

this might be too mainstream-like for some snobby music folks, but i think the chorus is fun and catchy and i like the haunting musical base that bell's representing on this track, bang bang (remember my name). we all know how much i love a lyrically brilliant piece, and with bell, that's what you get. i hear ya, girl. you need a lovely and strong break up song to belt out? then check this.

violet days - o.d. on you

who's ready for this weekend? what about something disgustingly sweet and poppy to amp it up a bit? you know, something to get you into the mood for the club. or, your bedroom mirror. or, in my case, my audience of the dog. dancing, folks. that's what this track by violet days is going to punch you with. just embrace it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

the montreals - indigo club

the montreals are sticking it to you with some hotness on their new track 'indigo club.' this mess makes me wanna dance - i've got that same itch like i did when i first heard black kids. it's really the perfect pick-me-up for a case of the mondays, which we are super duper feeling right now. have a gander for yourself.

the rebel light - goodbye serenade

remember when billy joel released that video for 'we didn't start the fire' and our parents got all nostalgic about it? well, that just happened to me - thanks to the rebel light and their video for 'goodbye serenade.' i know i get all non-serious on here most of the time, but the past week has been pretty dire, and this short is just a reminder that we, as a society and species, have always been able to overcome seemingly hopeless situations. maybe it'll do the same for you as it did for me.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

flora cash - sadness is taking over

flora cash nails this week's somber mood with 'sadness is taking over.' the music reminds me of old school sarah mclachlan when she was easily remixed into a dance hit. these guys are something special, which you can hear for yourself below. they're a girl/boy duo and sound incredibly ethereal and refreshing considering the trash i've been getting lately. the song might be about sadness, but it's making me happy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

danny worsnop - mexico

as punishment for not actually recognizing what i'm trying to do here, i'm going to post this video i was sent to share and comment on. the punishment is my commentary. when the opening scene of a video is a backwoods bro dude cracking open a budweiser, you know it's going to be one of those nicely tuned and packaged poo piles of a track - probably talking about drinking, girls, and hanging with the dudes. if only the future was always this easy to tell...i mean, could you be more predictable? luckily, mr. worsnop repeatedly claims he's driving down to mexico. my request is that he stays there. kthxbai.

canshaker pi - bonox

this is like what happens when filter marries bloc party's vocal inflection and peter gabriel's actual vocals. you get 'bonox' by canshaker pi.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

the money war - recall

here's a fabulous track, 'recall,' from boy/girl duo, the money war. this song sounds like sunshine and sandpaper, and i like it. i feel like this is something marsha brady would dig, too, if she had a little more edge. ya know? here, just listen to it.

Monday, November 07, 2016

sound on sound festival wrap-up

we spent the weekend outside in some rain and slightly cool weather to do a bit of stage hopping and discover some new music, as well as revel in some staples at the sound on sound festival. the bigger names i got to catch included phantogram, which was way more intense than i would think, purity ring, AND - the dead milkmen! here's the new stuff what i walked away with...


from spain! i have a newfound girl crush on the frontwoman of hinds. they released an album several months ago, which you can preview on soundcloud here. they've got a fifties surf/sock hop style that's kind of garage-y. sample one of their tracks and see what i mean.

empress of

while i don't find a one woman show particularly exciting, empress of was musically decent and a welcomed find. between keys, electronics, and drums, she brought it. i'm sharing this specific track because i also caught the range and that's who remixed this. two sound on sound artists in one! what a bargain.


i was pretty blown away (literally with all the bass) by health. how so much good noise can come from so little is baffling and super impressive. i find myself becoming increasingly intrigued by this electronic movement. if you need something to sway to, check out this track.

kero kero bonito

this was probably the most fun of all the bands i saw. and by fun, i mean adorable pop with kitsch lyrics and k-pop-like vibes. they know how to get a crowd to jump around...just make a song called 'trampoline' and ask them to. perfection.


last, but not least, baio. refreshing new wave electro dance music. sign me UP. but really, if you're into the new wave like myself, this is a must listen.

Friday, November 04, 2016

japanese breakfast - everybody wants to love you

this song is so dope. japanese breakfast is pretty much my new favorite thing to obsess over. they have a great smash up of retro sounds that make it easy to listen to and love. there's some surf-ish remnants, as well as totally alternative 90s vibes that bleed through. just try some of this:

Thursday, November 03, 2016

keoma - new debut album

i'm always on the lookout for some bath times tunes to enhance that ever so relaxing feeling of soaking the day off. and, today, i have some new entries to make on that playlist! keoma brings us an amazing album of electros with duo gender vocals that make me want to do cartwheels (but you know, i am too old for that shit now). think back on some vintage sarah mclachlan married with some sade and a modern day musical update, and you'll almost be where these songs are. here's 'black' from the album. you can find more on soundcloud - linked because i know you'll want more from them. you're welcome.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

nighthawk - surely gettin' on

hahahah, YAS. my inner tweenager from the eighties is all like, "hell yes!" for this track from nighthawk. it belongs on a movie soundtrack nestled between kenny loggins and bryan adams. believe me when i say that's not a bad thing in my book.

krycheck releases new lp

someone must have known about my not-so-secret obsession with nine inch nails when they sent this to me. krycheck has a similar sound, so if you like that industrial synth new new wave slap in the face, then you should most certainly give this a shot. i really want to be clad in strappy leather stuff thanks these guys. it's like that.

darkDARK - moments

uh oh, watch out. this song might make you create life on accident. put it on your sexy times playlist and let that tempo do its work on ya.

luke de-sciscio - gossamer rose

remember jeff buckley? remember how sad you were when you realized you'd never get new material again? well, maybe this will suffice! luke de-sciscio has just released an album, gossamer rose, and it's reminding me of some of that buckley-type tuneage. vocal range all over the place, folky guitar get the idea. try it out for yourself.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

mr. universe - goddamn

for christ's sake, today is the saddest day of the year, so it's fitting to put a super sad song out there to commemorate the dead season of halloween. mr. universe brings us a break-up song ('goddamn') that has me actually longing for a couple fingers of whiskey, a pack of smokes, and some salty ass tears to wash it all down. i can just see the black-streaked eyeliner streaming down your face from the pain of it all! but really, this is a great tune that has lots of feeling and may have somewhat cracked my unbreakable exterior. listen up.