Tuesday, December 20, 2016

chelsey and the noise – losing landscapes ep

after a weekend of electronic music at day for night, this seems like a fitting follow-up. chelsey and the noise recently released an ep with a few interesting tracks on it. i particularly like this one, called ‘graveyard.’ the vocals are incredibly monotonous and flat for the most part, but i'm digging the church bells and ambiance of the whole thing (get it? digging? like digging a grave? i kill me sometimes). it has the perfect creepy element to it, as does the entire ep, which anyone who knows me knows i appreciate to no end. bring more!

Monday, December 19, 2016

day for night festival 2016 - wrap up

we spent the weekend in houston at the 2016 day for night festival, which features bands, electronic artists, and displays of art made from lights. it was a cool experience, and if you didn’t get out there this year, don’t worry. 2017 is right around the corner! here’s a little recap of what we witnessed over the course of almost two days.


chet faker

nick murphy, alias chet faker – as most of you may know him, put on good set, ending on a really slow note with a piano-only song and a simple thank you and goodbye to the crowd. fitting, i guess, as before that, he was working up a sweat crooning and shredding his signature songs. if he played the song that got me hooked on him, i didn’t catch it, but you can listen to ‘fool of me’ on youtube right here.

blood orange

easily one of my favorite acts of the weekend, although unfortch, his vocals weren’t nearly as loud as i think they should’ve been…anyway – the crowd was feeling just as into as i was, which was totally evident when he and his back-up singers started on ‘you’re not good enough.’ guys, i posted about this a long time ago, and this shit holds up. the rest of his catalog is just as legit. plenty of dance tunes to get your party started and keep it going for however many hours necessary. see why I love it so much right here.


yet another act that had me swaying to the sound of electronic bliss! these cats had a drum line on stage and it was glorious. i can get waaaay behind odesza, mostly because they’ve got a solid vocal accompaniment to their synth vibes. this show showered fans with a slew of confetti during the epic final song, which only made me wanna party that much more.

john carpenter

how often can you say you’ve seen a legendary composer do his thing amidst a powerful line-up of modern day electro-superstars? if you think you don’t know this guy, you actually probably do. ever had the creepy theme of the halloween franchise invade your head and chill your bones? you can thank mr. carpenter for that. so, yeah, i got to hear the master himself play it to a crowd of ecstatic concert-goers. one of the coolest things EVAR, i tell ya.

aphex twin

headlining the whole shebang was aphex twin. i cannot tell a lie, i found this to be kind of boring. the most exciting part of the whole thing was when the sky opened up at the same time the temp dropped thirty degrees. this is where i hauled ass like the wimp i am. basically, all you can expect here is a guy twisting some knobs in a nonchalant way to, what i can say, are engaging graphics on the big screen. i did enjoy watching that story unfold. and, you know who did enjoy it immensely? bjork, who was spotted dancing in the rain as dude smacked down the electro-beat. there you have it.


a new and welcomed discovery came from nothing, who, despite the freezing temperature, managed to strip away part of my face with their rock tunes. although it’s labeled as shoegaze, this goodness for certain has a nineties grunge vibe to it that any 30- to 40-something can appreciate.

ariel pink

donning santa hats and christmas sweaters, ariel pink brought their psych funk groove like a group of champions. ariel pink for sure has an engaging look and air about himself that commands you to dig into your voyeuristic side. the magnetism is strong with this one, and the music speaks to that. i didn’t even notice that i couldn’t feel my toes during their set.

s u r v i v e

an austin based tribe, s u r v i v e was quite popular. after all, they did score the music for the cult hit, stranger things. again, i find electronic groups hard to watch since they don’t typically jump around or try to pump up the crowd, but this particular form of mellow was just what was needed after 24 hours of hopping around. i like their space pizza compositions.



one of the coolest displays of light art came from tundra. in what sounded like a thunderstorm, i watched a large field of red lasers chime on and off in sync with thunder claps and lightning crashes and other whirrs of sound.

united visual artists

the other super fun art exhibit came from united visual artists, based in the UK. there was a string of planet type objects floating in mid-air while eclipsing lights spun around them to space-like sounds. there's a short clip of this on our Instagram account so you can see for yourself how calm and cool it is.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

miss chain and the broken heels

how miss chain & the broken heels managed to get a 90s alternative rock sound to marry a 50s sock hop vibe, i have no idea, but, i’ll take it. there is so much going on here that i am having a hell of a time trying to convey what it all means. kind of like life, ya know? there’s a rockabilly / country / retro thing going on that i find to be unique and refreshing. hats off! two tracks below for your listening pleasure.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

the darts - new ep

way back in the day, claire and i trashed an album that was sent over from the dollyrots. it was awful. fast forward to today, when my inbox was graced with the musical stylings of the darts. i will say this, it’s not nearly as hard to swallow as the dollyrots (who i am only mentioning because one of their old members is in this new band). i'm embedding the album for you to try out here. i recommend spinning the third track, ‘carry me home.’ they'll be here in austin at the blackheart on january 20th if you wanna check that shit out in person. i imagine it’ll be a pretty decent show given the nature of the punk / psych music they produce.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

mail call - 12/13/16 edition

radiant baby – gloss & love

if you’re looking for something fun, try out this new one from radiant baby. the lyrics are awesome. it’s like everything buffalo bill would spout out, except in a fun, upbeat and totally not creepy manner. it’s 80s synth pop, if you’re into that.

gangly – blow out

when it’s time to settle down and bring that heart rate to a decent thump, gangly’s got you covered with ‘blow out.’ i'm in love with this song. i can feel the level of stress lift from my bones just by strapping my headphones on with it. if you need some of that in your life, well, have at it.

fred thomas – voiceover

i’m not in love with this song, but since dude will be playing mohawk on 2/16, i thought i would share it with you. you might dig this if you’re into singer-songwriter types that like to string a bunch of words together in a confusing and brazen way. yeah?

Monday, December 12, 2016

day for night festival 2016

if you're looking for something to do as you anxiously await the holiday vacation period, why not skip over to houston this weekend for the day for night festival? tickets are still available, and pretty reasonable for the number of great acts on the line-up. you can revel in music and fancy art exhibits, as well as meet some cool people along the way. sounds like a win all over, if you ask me. bonus - yours truly will be there all weekend to partake in the glory of it all, too! we can hang in real time! seriously, though, just look at this line-up.

little dragon! blood orange! run the jewels! aphex twin! nick murphy! banks!!! butthole surfers! blonde redhead! tobacco! and way more, but those are the ones i'm super excited about. bjork digital, too. if you got that spotify, you can preview the music line-up with this playlist.

lucy and the rats – this situation

here’s a welcomed treat from lucy and the rats. a retro, surf, punk rock track with cutesy female vocals is just what you need for monday. isn't it? in that case, check out ‘this situation’ below and use it as your coffee fuel floater.

Friday, December 09, 2016

rayne - subject a

rayne is out with a new track that boasts a pretty solid showing of what i can only describe as 80s B movie soundtrack synth. not a bad thing in my book - at all! just picture ralph macchio galloping through a field of wheat on his way to save his girlfriend from evil. i just glued karate kid, footloose, and he-man into one. you're welcome. listen to it:

gutxi bibang – system of a gun

because that lenny kravitz character has some pretty hefty staying power and people seem to like him, i’m leaving you with this dude who reminds me much of him. gutxi bibang is out with some rock grit that’s sure to leave some residue on your ears, a big feat for a three piece outfit, if i do say so. i mean, straight up rock. solid riffs. punchy vocals. ya know. the typical stuff you expect from rock.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

new found glory announces 2017 tour

in case you didn't already feel old...new found glory is going on tour to celebrate their 20-year anniversary. TWENTY. YEARS. sometimes, i think about how if i was a teen mom, i could have a 20-year old kid. cray cray, i tell ya. anyway, if you want to partake in this history in the making, get your tickets starting tomorrow. here are the dates:

March 22 - Baltimore, MD - Soundstage
March 23 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
March 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
March 25 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
March 26 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
March 30 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
March 31 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
April 1 - New York, NY -Irving Plaza
April 2 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
April 4 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
April 5 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
April 7 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
April 8 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
April 9 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
April 11 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
April 12 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
April 13 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
April 14 - St. Louis, MO - Delmar Hall
April 15 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre
April 17 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
April 18 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
April 19 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
April 21 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
April 22 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
April 23 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
April 25 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
April 26 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
April 28 - West Hollywood, CA - Troubador
April 29 - West Hollywood, CA - Troubador
April 30 - West Hollywood, CA - Troubador
May 2 - Mesa, AZ - Nile Theater
May 5 - Dallas, TX - The Door
May 6 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
May 8 - Orlando, FL - The Social
May 9 - Orlando, FL - The Social
May 10 - Orlando, FL - The Social
May 12 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Live

mainland – dummy test

if the strokes were more punk, they’d be this band, mainland. truthfully, i got way excited about this track, ‘dummy test,’ because it reminds me of the kind of goodness that came from the turn of the century. a little pop. a little punk. a lot fun. i will be diving deeper into these nyc gems. believe that, guys.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

rogue jones - human heart

for fans of the national, you will most likely dig this single from rogue jones. with a folky musical accompaniment, the gritty (yet, surprisingly smooth) vocals stand out. there's a lot going on with the music...they have, like, a million band members playing instruments like the accordion and the omnichord. if you like this and want more, they just released an album this week and you can find it on all the digital outlets.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

mail call - only the good

my inbox is popular this week. so that means i'll have to do a wrap up. but really, how are all you people finding me? i thought i was staying hidden pretty well...regardless, i kept the shitty music on the shelf. you're welcome.

hana oceans - invincible borders

here's something i can listen to without wanting to rip my ears straight off my head. i can't tell you how many emails i had to sift through to get back here, so a huge thank you to hana oceans for that. piano-synth and drum beats make the music the perfect accompaniment to the husky vocals. i imagine this to be the soundtrack i'd be jamming to if i were sipping on an expensive brown liquor in a dark hotel bar. get me?

newtimers - she's a gun

please watch this video so you can laugh with me. it's like 2/5 of an 80s boy band decided to visit the future and remind us all why we loved the gap band. seriously, if things went a little differently for justin timberlake, this is how he would've ended up. tell me i'm wrong! but overall, all kidding aside, it IS a rather catchy tune with a chorus you can easily pick up, so try it out.

freedom fry - linger

well, duh. guaranteed post when you send me a cover. bonus points for the cover hitting a song from my teenage years so that i can modernly curl up in the nostalgia of unnatural red hair dye and babydoll dresses. so if you remember the cranberries and want to hear some justice done on one of their biggest hits, saddle up to this cover by freedom fry. it reminds me of the weepies.

alison wonderland - messiah

remember imogen heap? this is for you if you were into that. it's pretty sexy. and what i mean by that is you'll probably hear it being belted out in some dance club full of twenty-somethings using their hips to talk body. makes sense since alison wonderland is doubles as a dj.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

husky - late night store

australia's husky has released this single from their upcoming album due out next year. this song feels like night time. it's like the time in between your third and fourth drink, where you're trying to decide if you're going to be a champ and power through the night, or if you're going to call it quits and sleep it off like an old lady (or, man). there's just a lot of musical personality happening within the span of a couple minutes here, but it's mostly chill. try it out.

upcoming shows - winter - austin

in case you want to break free from your headphones and see some music live, here are some to note: december 15: local natives at emo's

december 17-18: day for night festival in houston (little dragon, aphex twins, blood orange, tobacco, blonde redhead...amongst others)

december 17: flosstradamus at emo's

january 19: still corners at stubb's

january 20: atmosphere at emo's

january 21: dj set by purity ring at empire control room

january 31: deerhunter at mohawk

february 2: RICK ASTLEY AT EMO's!!! yes! this is happening, guys! talk about never giving up!

february 10: young the giant at stubb's

february 16: devendra banhart at emo's

february 17: save ferris at barracuda

february 17: the griswolds at mohawk

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

surf rock is dead – in between

i’m really into this single from surf rock is dead, especially the drum beats. i’m reminded of that indie rock vibe from circa 2005-2007 from outfits like rock kills kid, nada surf, and snow patrol. that should give you a good idea of what to expect with this one. considering those are still staples in my collection, it's safe to say that surf rock is dead has another fan. if you're in brooklyn, philly, or DC, you can catch them live this week (visit their site for dates).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the besnard lakes - laura lee

now that we've survived both family and overindulgent shopping holidays, we can focus once again on music. let's jump back in with a psychedelic shoe-gazey track from the besnard lakes (from canada, eh!) - 'laura lee.' listening to this makes me feel like i'm attending a private concert in the bottom of a giant coffee mug. that's not scary...it's relaxing. i'm zenned out with this stuff, folks. give it a try.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

corniglia - oh my love

are you about to head into a shitstorm of family drama and questions about your love life? sucks for you! nah, kidding. how about this earthy and chill tune from australia's corniglia to offset some of that holiday anxiety? i promise that the 'oh my love, try to keep it together' mantra throughout the chorus will help you meditate it out like a pro.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

teammate - we belong cover

guys, i love pat benetar. if you happen to catch me after about four vodka sodas and i'm in a room full of fellow drunks and a karaoke set up, you will definitely witness my rendition of 'love is a battlefield.' it's scary. what's not scary is this cover from teammate of ms. benetar's greatest hit - 'we belong.' the music sounds more 80s than the original sounds with all the alien synth, and it's glorious.

Monday, November 21, 2016

night drive - rise and fall

austin's night drive just released a new single, 'rise and fall.' anyone who knows me has to know that i am a huge new wave fan. so, when i happened upon night drive on accident, my insides got all jiggly from the excitement. not only do they have stellar tracks, they also put on a fancy ass live show that begs for booty movement and puppy dogs and ice cream. it's all synth and borderline british-sounding vocals, and it's brilliant. try out the new single, and if you like that, get up on 'easy to lie.' AND - if you're doing the whole day for night festival, you'll be able to catch them sunday, december 18th.

luke wade - three days

i'm really not into this kind of sappy songwriter tune, but this might tickle your fancy. especially if you're into ray lamontagne or james blunt. luke wade, who, by the way, is playing stubb's on february 9th, has a cute little number about how he got slapped pretty hard in the face with 'the one' when he really wasn't expecting it. it's a tad catchy. you can watch it here: TEAM COCO

cloves - better now

amen, hallelujah, and any other word that sings praise! cloves has reawakened my ears with her new single, 'better now.' this is for fans of sia and all the glory of some kick ass vocals and words that speak to the entire population of us sad souls who have taken a beating on the heart and then picked up and moved the fuck on. this is some special ish, guys. please listen to it and revel in the truth. you're welcome.

Friday, November 18, 2016

keegan joyce - cooma

you know how bad i typically hate singer songwriter stuff? there's just sooooo much of it. i can't handle it! well, there's also those exceptions to my rule to trash that shit. like sufjan stephens. or andrew bird. or damien rice. or glenn hansard. you get the idea. if any of those dudes make you long for some sappy love song spun on an acoustic guitar, then you will most likely be into this tune by keegan joyce.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

bell - bang bang (remember my name)

this might be too mainstream-like for some snobby music folks, but i think the chorus is fun and catchy and i like the haunting musical base that bell's representing on this track, bang bang (remember my name). we all know how much i love a lyrically brilliant piece, and with bell, that's what you get. i hear ya, girl. you need a lovely and strong break up song to belt out? then check this.

violet days - o.d. on you

who's ready for this weekend? what about something disgustingly sweet and poppy to amp it up a bit? you know, something to get you into the mood for the club. or, your bedroom mirror. or, in my case, my audience of the dog. dancing, folks. that's what this track by violet days is going to punch you with. just embrace it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

the montreals - indigo club

the montreals are sticking it to you with some hotness on their new track 'indigo club.' this mess makes me wanna dance - i've got that same itch like i did when i first heard black kids. it's really the perfect pick-me-up for a case of the mondays, which we are super duper feeling right now. have a gander for yourself.

the rebel light - goodbye serenade

remember when billy joel released that video for 'we didn't start the fire' and our parents got all nostalgic about it? well, that just happened to me - thanks to the rebel light and their video for 'goodbye serenade.' i know i get all non-serious on here most of the time, but the past week has been pretty dire, and this short is just a reminder that we, as a society and species, have always been able to overcome seemingly hopeless situations. maybe it'll do the same for you as it did for me.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

flora cash - sadness is taking over

flora cash nails this week's somber mood with 'sadness is taking over.' the music reminds me of old school sarah mclachlan when she was easily remixed into a dance hit. these guys are something special, which you can hear for yourself below. they're a girl/boy duo and sound incredibly ethereal and refreshing considering the trash i've been getting lately. the song might be about sadness, but it's making me happy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

danny worsnop - mexico

as punishment for not actually recognizing what i'm trying to do here, i'm going to post this video i was sent to share and comment on. the punishment is my commentary. when the opening scene of a video is a backwoods bro dude cracking open a budweiser, you know it's going to be one of those nicely tuned and packaged poo piles of a track - probably talking about drinking, girls, and hanging with the dudes. if only the future was always this easy to tell...i mean, could you be more predictable? luckily, mr. worsnop repeatedly claims he's driving down to mexico. my request is that he stays there. kthxbai.

canshaker pi - bonox

this is like what happens when filter marries bloc party's vocal inflection and peter gabriel's actual vocals. you get 'bonox' by canshaker pi.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

the money war - recall

here's a fabulous track, 'recall,' from boy/girl duo, the money war. this song sounds like sunshine and sandpaper, and i like it. i feel like this is something marsha brady would dig, too, if she had a little more edge. ya know? here, just listen to it.

Monday, November 07, 2016

sound on sound festival wrap-up

we spent the weekend outside in some rain and slightly cool weather to do a bit of stage hopping and discover some new music, as well as revel in some staples at the sound on sound festival. the bigger names i got to catch included phantogram, which was way more intense than i would think, purity ring, AND - the dead milkmen! here's the new stuff what i walked away with...


from spain! i have a newfound girl crush on the frontwoman of hinds. they released an album several months ago, which you can preview on soundcloud here. they've got a fifties surf/sock hop style that's kind of garage-y. sample one of their tracks and see what i mean.

empress of

while i don't find a one woman show particularly exciting, empress of was musically decent and a welcomed find. between keys, electronics, and drums, she brought it. i'm sharing this specific track because i also caught the range and that's who remixed this. two sound on sound artists in one! what a bargain.


i was pretty blown away (literally with all the bass) by health. how so much good noise can come from so little is baffling and super impressive. i find myself becoming increasingly intrigued by this electronic movement. if you need something to sway to, check out this track.

kero kero bonito

this was probably the most fun of all the bands i saw. and by fun, i mean adorable pop with kitsch lyrics and k-pop-like vibes. they know how to get a crowd to jump around...just make a song called 'trampoline' and ask them to. perfection.


last, but not least, baio. refreshing new wave electro dance music. sign me UP. but really, if you're into the new wave like myself, this is a must listen.

Friday, November 04, 2016

japanese breakfast - everybody wants to love you

this song is so dope. japanese breakfast is pretty much my new favorite thing to obsess over. they have a great smash up of retro sounds that make it easy to listen to and love. there's some surf-ish remnants, as well as totally alternative 90s vibes that bleed through. just try some of this:

Thursday, November 03, 2016

keoma - new debut album

i'm always on the lookout for some bath times tunes to enhance that ever so relaxing feeling of soaking the day off. and, today, i have some new entries to make on that playlist! keoma brings us an amazing album of electros with duo gender vocals that make me want to do cartwheels (but you know, i am too old for that shit now). think back on some vintage sarah mclachlan married with some sade and a modern day musical update, and you'll almost be where these songs are. here's 'black' from the album. you can find more on soundcloud - linked because i know you'll want more from them. you're welcome.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

nighthawk - surely gettin' on

hahahah, YAS. my inner tweenager from the eighties is all like, "hell yes!" for this track from nighthawk. it belongs on a movie soundtrack nestled between kenny loggins and bryan adams. believe me when i say that's not a bad thing in my book.

krycheck releases new lp

someone must have known about my not-so-secret obsession with nine inch nails when they sent this to me. krycheck has a similar sound, so if you like that industrial synth new new wave slap in the face, then you should most certainly give this a shot. i really want to be clad in strappy leather stuff thanks these guys. it's like that.

darkDARK - moments

uh oh, watch out. this song might make you create life on accident. put it on your sexy times playlist and let that tempo do its work on ya.

luke de-sciscio - gossamer rose

remember jeff buckley? remember how sad you were when you realized you'd never get new material again? well, maybe this will suffice! luke de-sciscio has just released an album, gossamer rose, and it's reminding me of some of that buckley-type tuneage. vocal range all over the place, folky guitar accompaniment...you get the idea. try it out for yourself.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

mr. universe - goddamn

for christ's sake, today is the saddest day of the year, so it's fitting to put a super sad song out there to commemorate the dead season of halloween. mr. universe brings us a break-up song ('goddamn') that has me actually longing for a couple fingers of whiskey, a pack of smokes, and some salty ass tears to wash it all down. i can just see the black-streaked eyeliner streaming down your face from the pain of it all! but really, this is a great tune that has lots of feeling and may have somewhat cracked my unbreakable exterior. listen up.

Monday, October 31, 2016

lolahiko - funeral & murderer

if you're a fan of chvrches, MS MR, and purity ring, but fancy them a bit on the darker side, then i have the perfect suggestion for you. lolahiko. go ahead and channel your inner goth (face it, we all have one), take solace in these gems.

bonzai - i did

i am loving this animated video by bonzai of 'i did.' it's kind of trippy and solid for the song, for sure. bathe in the electro-beats and IDGAF lyrics...i am.

the severed limb - bela lugosi

guys, guys, it's halloween. it's the most wonderful time of the year and my favorite holiday. so i am going to share the severed limb's 'bela lugosi' to drive a little bit of that spookiness for this occasion.

sian cross - on and on

if you need something to calm you down as you head into the work week, try this out. sian cross' 'on and on' has a creepy, american horror story-like musical styling coupled with ethereal vocals for an interesting sound that i feel pretty excited about.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

akira the don - gothwave

thanks to netflix and stranger things, it seems like there's a bunch of video games-eqsue tunage out there for the world. akira the don has just sent over some more to add to it, including a stranger things remix. i must admit that i'm a fan of this kind thing, because i can zen out while listening to it. i heard it's great for yoga sessions, too. anyway, check out 'spooky scary skeletons' to get you in the mood for my favorite holiday of all time - all hallow's eve!

uncle meg - taylor swift

i don't think i've made it a secret that i hate taylor swift. but i can certainly appreciate a little rap with a catchy ass beat that drops her name. but only because uncle meg is also dropping britney's name, too, and we love britney ever since her meltdown and comeback. anyway - enough about pop stars. let's talk about how this song just got repeated three times by yours truly because i wanted it ingrained into my membrane. it's super infectious, so beware. listen, yo.

blvth - ocean (feat. novaa)

here's a dreamy piece called 'ocean' from blvth. ocean is pretty accurate for a title. why? well, it reminds me of that one time i bathed in the sun at a fancy resort next to the ocean. this song is like a soundtrack for that activity. also, some of the music makes me think of what you might hear while taking in an imax of whales in the deep blue. yes, please.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

trudy and the romance - my baby's gone away

can't tell you how excited i got to listen to this gem from trudy and the romance...probably has something to do with its very velvet goldmine sound. kind of circus-y, definitely depressing, and certainly rock-glammed out. but not too much. think david bowie. this is going on a playlist - i have to hear this more than once. as far as seeing these guys live, looks like they're stuck across the pond until sxsw, so we'll just have to wait til march.

Monday, October 24, 2016

carroll - talking to my own mirage

what a relief on my adult ears to get something that's more of a sunday afternoon chill pace rather than a friday rager. this song by carroll, 'talking to my own mirage,' is vomiting rainbows and sunshine and a very pronounced dose of mellow that can usually be found by smoking some of that funny grass. it's relaxing. i like it. pardon me, i'm off to gaze at my shoes for a bit.

the cavemen - i'm a mess

the cavemen have landed the dirtiest shit i have heard in a long while in my inbox, so i pretty much have to post it. this is the kind of punk that makes it seem totally okay and normal to lick the bottom of a boot that's been traipsing through an inch of sewage. kudos, guys. i'm out to shower off the filth i feel from listening to your curious creations.

shana falana - here comes the wave

i'm kind of in love with this album just released from shana falana. the good folks at brooklyn vegan have the whole album streaming if you want to take a listen (and trust me, you want to). this album is all over the place, with an indie pop sound sure to please even the most elitist of hipsters ('cloudbeats,' 'cool kids'), all the way to a gritty rock sound that cries for teased hair and massive amounts of smeared lipstick ('lie 2 me,' 'where r u'). cheer up charlie's will be hosting shana on november 12, so ink that shit in.

Friday, October 21, 2016

hundreds - spotless

beer isn't the only good thing to come out of germany. you also have hundreds and their newest upcoming release called wilderness, which is officially out on 11.4. the electro sound has me fiending for more, and reminiscing about the days of dido. my inner goth is swaying to the eerie nature of the vocals. it's a sensation for autumn times, and i can safely say that hundreds has at least one new fan in myself. watch 'spotless' and see why:

mainland - permission slip

my twenty-five year old self just did a little jig after hearing this new one, 'permission slip,' by brooklyn-based mainland. this tune is a pop-punk styling worthy of the warped tour and hundreds of screaming emo teenagers covered in head to toe black garb and heavy eyeliner. if you're looking for a large serving of angst, please listen to this:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

oh! gunquit - nomads of the lost

here's something different and refreshing as we take this week into my favorite days (the non-working ones). oh! gunquit from the uk is out with 'nomads of the lost,' a ditty that packs punkabilly flavor real strong - like those little packets of goodness you find in ramen bags. the only thing that could be better than what i'm hearing from oh! gunquit? hearing it in person. come across the pond to austin! but seriously, that surf-rock guitar wielding some female led vocals and brassy toot-struments has me jonesing for a low-ceiling and a dark room for boppin' in. check it out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

the society - begging

it's wednesday. do you need some pop music with shallow lyrics to brighten your mid-week work day? well, if the answer to that question happens to be yes, then i have just the track! the society from the uk sent me this to share with you guys. it's called 'begging' and it's every girl who ever loved a boy band's wet dream.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

husky rescue - my shelter

i feel like i've shared husky rescue way in the past because i dug it so much. well, they have new music, and it's haunting and lovely and will smack you in the face with a dose of awesome. the first single, 'my shelter,' really outdoes their previous releases with an eerie, winteresque vocal cry. i seriously feel like i should be in some kind of scandinavian snow house with a bunch of overly good-looking blonde chaps dancing around a fire and drinking vodka. no? whatever - check it out for yourself.

Monday, October 17, 2016

emma louise - into my arms cover

we here at coama love nick cave. personally, i love covers, too. so, when i get an angelic cover of a nick cave tune, you bet your ass i'm going to share it. emma louise, who hails from that large body of land where kangaroos roam and dingoes might eat your baby, nails this cover like an expert carpenter. bravo!

cherub - new album release - bleed gold, piss excellence

i can't help it. i love cherub. they went semi-mainstream, but whatev. they're the electro version of steel panther, and i love them. they're probably coming to a town near you and i recommend you join that party, if so. you make me feel like an extra chicken nugget in a twenty-piece meal...probably my favorite lyric from the track 'very rare.' but i'm also finding my toes tappin' to the first single, 'signs,' which features none other than t.i. you can listen to it below. thank you, cherub.

shelle - dance with you

koalas aren't the only good thing to come out of australia. this single, 'dance with you,' by shelle, was released on friday and is pretty sweet, too. as the title suggests, you could find yourself dancing, or wanting to dance while listening thanks to steady and infectious beats.

listen to it on her website.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

felin - bored

dear forever 21,

today's your lucky day! i found the perfect soundtrack for your marketing efforts so that angsty teenagers will want to patronize your mall shop for slutty polyester body con dresses to make their mothers weep over their little girls' lost innocence! it's a song called 'bored' by a scandinavian girl named felin. feel free to give me a kickback if you take my idea to heart. kthxbai.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

golden coast - comeback kid

this is normally way, way too poppy for my taste. HOWever - the chorus is kinda catchy and sometimes i'm in a mood not to resist some of those high-pitched man vocals. so, with that, here's 'comeback kid' from golden coast. expect this on mainstream radio. that's all i'm sayin'. make your judgement from that statement, if you will...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

computer magic - been waiting

thank you, computer magic. i've been waiting for something like this to come along to add to my daily playlist. aren't i soooo punny? 'been waiting' comes off the new ep obscure but visible, and i'm having a hard time sitting still listening to it. gimme a dark room with a low ceiling and slew of sweaty hipsters with beards and i'd be pretty happy, oddly enough.

miniature tigers - dreaming

miniature tigers is dropping an album on october 28th, and i have a little preview from it called 'dreaming.' it's super smooth and creamy, like pop should be, but not so much that i want to vomit (ya know, like i would with anything related to adele, or j. lo, or fergie...you get the picture).

parlour tricks - leave your light on

i hate when something cool ends up in my mail, and i listen to it and get excited, and then read that the creators are calling it quits. that's the case here with parlour tricks. this tune, 'leave your light on,' is an airy, catchy breath of fresh air that cries out for new beginnings from old regrets, and it's beautiful.

Monday, October 10, 2016

upcoming shows - austin - october/november/december

as if the weather and halloween weren't enough to look forward to, there are some great acts coming to town that are worthy of getting out and about.

october 11 - how to dress well - parish

october 13 - elvis costello - acl live

october 13 - echo and the bunnymen - stubb's

october 13 - the temper trap - emo's

october 14-15 - the dandy warhols - scoot inn

october 14 - dance yourself clean - empire control room

october 21 - cherub - stubb's

october 31 - the pretenders - acl live

november 2 - black rebel motorcycle club w/death from above 1979 - stubb's

november 4 - jamestown revival - emo's

november 4-6 - sound on sound festival (beach house, phantogram, purity ring, explosions in the sky, among others) - sherwood forest

november 15 - yeasayer - emo's

november 17 - warpaint - emo's

december 2 - yelawolf - empire control room

december 7 - the sounds - emo's

december 10 - MSTRKRFT - empire control room

larkin poe - opening for elvis costello:: october 13th

elvis costello is playing acl october 13th, and there is a pretty bad ass folk-bluesy duo of chicks opening up for him. larkin poe have a gritty southern sound that i'm feeling nostalgic about having grown up in the south with this. i'm a sucker for a lap steel, and when it's laying with an accomplished lady musician, that just makes it even better. so, if you're hitting the elvis show, make sure you get there for larkin poe before his set.

here's 47 seconds of face-melting lap steel as mentioned above...

san cisco - b side

san cisco. yaaaassss. they just released a new single called 'b side,' which i am super into at this moment. it's got a retro flare to it, a punk vibe, and a collection of blunt lyrics - a recipe for success in my book. grab a spoon, and scoop some of it up:

it's okay, when i am just your b side. so sad, but so great of a metaphor that you can't help but sing along and also remember what that's like. at least, that's what i'm picking up from this song.

hot casandra - ecstasy

meh. i'm not hugely in love with this tune, 'ecstasy,' just released from hot casandra, but i think it's the vocals that are ruining it for me. i like the actual music riding in the background. but, who am i to withhold the whole thing if someone else might dig it?

Friday, October 07, 2016

british india - i thought we knew each other

poppy, indie, smooth, yet rough around the edges. like your favorite leather jacket.

BRAVES - me the thief

you're welcome for this. the album (III) doesn't come out until 10.26, but i'm here to give you this 'me the thief' video from BRAVES ahead of it. you'll really dig this video if you like to watch women kissing other women, because there's plenty of that going on. there's also some dog / human kissing to revel in, as well. all bases are covered! it also features christa allen, who apparently is famous.

banks - new music from the altar

good lord, i love banks. so much, in fact, that i had to come out of hiding to share the new music that landed in my mailbox from her peeps.

here's 'gemini feed' - a tune that's not afraid to point fingers and place blame.

and if you need something sexier than that, try 'fuck with myself.' you know how i love that four-letter word getting thrown around in the lyrical way. but, really, just watch this.

thanks, banks! you have restored my faith in the auditory persuasion.

coldplay announces head full of dreams tour 2017

check it out. coldplay is touring 18 cities next year. they're so popular, they have to tell us about it an entire year in advance. tickets begin going on sale october 15th.

Tue Aug 01 - New York, NY - MetLife Stadium
Fri Aug 04 - Boston, MA - Gillette Stadium
Sun Aug 06 - Washington, DC - FedExField
Tue Aug 08 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
Sat Aug 12 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium
Mon Aug 14 - Omaha, NE - CenturyLink Center
Tue Aug 15 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
Thu Aug 17 - Chicago, IL - Soldier Field
Sat Aug 19 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
Mon Aug 21 - Toronto, ON - Rogers Centre
Fri Aug 25 - Houston, TX - NRG Stadium
Mon Aug 28 - Miami, FL - Hard Rock Stadium

Sat Sep 23 - Seattle, WA - CenturyLink Field
Tue Sep 26 - Edmonton, AB - Rogers Place
Fri Sep 29 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place

Mon Oct 02 - Portland, OR - Moda Center
Wed Oct 04 - San Francisco, CA - Levi's Stadium
Sun Oct 08 - San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium