Monday, August 17, 2015

Mixtape - 8.17.15

it's monday, and i'm already jonesin' for friday to come along. i think part of it is being fueled by today's trip through spotify land.

>"tomboy" by yellerkin: i saw this band at sxsw this year, and was pretty happy about it. it's rare to find something worth listening to in an oversaturated environment, so my excitement for yellerkin is at an all-time high. no one knows who they are right now - get on it so you can look like you're more privy than the next indie snob.

>"against it" by waitress: these kids make me want to visit copenhagen and hit up a dance club i'm probably too old to patronize.

>"plastic utopia" by japan soul: japan soul admittedly wants to achieve smacking down some euphoria on you through music. i can see that.

>"leave a trace" by chvrches: i don't care if they're all mainstream now. i still like them. there's a reason they're mainstream. let's not scoff because satellite radio recognizes the power of ethereal vocals, yeah? you have another 5-6 weeks before this whole album comes out.

>"girls your age - twin shadow remix": by transviolet: ohmygodyes. yes. YAS. this song has sex written all over it.

>"instigators" by grace potter: grace potter's half bluesy, half poppy vocals have always intrigued me. last week, she/they let us all in on the newest release, midnight. this is from that.

>"i can't hear you" by elsa cross: eventually, i will fulfill the one task i've been itching to take care of for the past ten months. i will see elsa cross, preferably at the white horse. on a weekend. this austin chick has become my newest obsession. her alt-country twang tugs at my heartstrings in an uncanny way. go listen to her.

>"i wanna take you home" by nada surf: this song is adorable. i forgot about nada surf since i discovered they were way better than that song "popular" that they're...popular...for. what? it's too easy.

anyway. i like these things. you can listen to them here if you got that spotify set up.

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