Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mixtape Wednesday - 4.29.2015

Well, I watched all of the Netflix imaginable, and wore out Hulu, so my rediscovery of Spotify has reared its lovely head, prompting me to once again become obsessed with the making of playlists. I guess there is a bright side to summer television show hiatus happenings, after all.

I dug through some new releases from the past couple weeks...and months, and I came up with something I consider pretty solid.

 -"Talk to Me" by Kopecky: Not gonna lie. If you happen to roll up next me in traffic after work, and I'm listening to this, you're gonna witness some amazing car dancing moves. I might be throwing some air claps, too.

-"Feels Like a Lie" by Joywave: Joywave brings me the new new wave feels I find keeps popping up with all this influx of electronic throwback sound. The only thing I'm missing to really get something from this song is a set of glowsticks and some black lights.

-"Calling Out" by Monakr: I like how this song sounds like the Lion King went to the skating rink and lapped the track to some sweet R&B.

 -"Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots: yeah, dudes, you don't gotta tell me about being stressed out. The older I get, the more this anthem to growing responsibilities and adulthood stabs me in the tired face. I hate to tell these guys that it's not all about makin' money, though.

-"Blood Stutter" by Handsome Ghost: Aw, some ethereal boy/girl duo sound to start bringin' down the heart rate. I'll take it.

-"Fireproof" by The National: I have always loved the obvious versatility of The National. I particularly love this track from Trouble Will Find Me because it's just folky enough to not be...folky? Pretty sure I've been accused of being this same way - nice to hear the other side of it.

-"Crooked Smile" by the Weepies: Yes, please, and, thank you. The Weepies just dropped SIRENS this week, and I could not be happier about it. I get murdered with emotion anytime some fancy ass strings are shooting at me.

-"Running With the Wolves" by AURORA: it's like CHVRCHES, yo. Tell me it's not, and we can argue about it. Maybe that's what drew me to this? Prolly. But also, Sia. I'll take two servings.

-"Slip" by Elliot Moss: Oooo, damn! This song is sexy times. All I can hear is a pair of bedroom eyes and some barefeet slinking across the floor. Meeee-yow.

-"I of the Storm" by Of Monsters and Men: You'll have to wait 'til June 9th for the whole album, but here's a lil taste of it. Is it just me, or this very much like Florence and the Machine?

Whew. Okay. I was really itching to put that all down on virtual paper. So, there it is. And, as usual, the playlist on Spotify if you want it.

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