Tuesday, July 08, 2014

new music tuesday - july 8th

summertime tune times, y'all. there is a good bit of solid musical fro-yo to cool your heels during this humid, sticky summer shizz. shall we?

death from above 1979 comes back with a new single from an album they say they're making even though they don't want to. yup. the physical world is set to release on 9.9.14. regardless, you'll get the borderline hard rock sound you're used to from them from "trainwreck 1979." gimme some more of that, boys. please and thank you.

sia finally drops 1000 forms of fear. if you're one of the obsessed, like myself, you've already preordered and played out three of the tracks. so far, this album seems entirely too depressing. not too much for me to avoid it, though.

jenny lewis is back. thank the folk gods, for reals. you can check out the title track for her july 29th release, the voyager, since it came out today. i wish jenny were one of my besties so she could give me private concerts.

alt+j throws another teaser out there with "left hand free." i might have to go against my rule of no festivals with this one (well, not just him, there are plenty others), and introduce myself as an austin resident properly at fun fun fun fest.

french style furs gives us is exotic bait today. you can stream the whole album here on soundcloud. these guys are like a swirl of something like simple minds annnnnd....modest mouse? i could be totally off-base there, but that's what my ear/brain formula is telling me.

magic man's beyond the waves is out, too. yay! this is some boston stuff i can get with. way better than lobster, i tell ya. lobsters don't make me wanna dance. magic man does.

braid slaps no coast down on the new release table if you're looking for some vintage material.

judas priest isn't dead. they're kicking redeemer of souls for your heavy metal head-banging pleasure.

and, lastly, because i like a little bit of humor each and every day, richard marx has a new album out called beautiful goodbye. yes, he does. my curiosity will be the death of me someday. i listened to some of it. i urge you to listen to the title track. it is, by my account, dirty. richard marx has tapped into his naughty side, guys! i just...i...ugh. here, just listen to it.

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