Friday, July 04, 2014

mixtape friday - july 4th

happy birthday, 'merica! i think i'll celebrate by sitting in my backyard by the fire pit with copious amounts of wine and my most favorite playlist. it feels good to be free.

here are some tracks i starred this week as super listens, or new listens that i wanted to share. be safe out there. call uber or lyft if ya get too drunky pants. and, don't light those fireworks while they're pointed at yer face, yo.

"ritual union" by little dragon - an older track of theirs, but i'm still kind of on a tiny high from watching them perform it last month, so i thought i'd share it, in case you're not privy, yet.

"all about that bass" by meghan trainor - stumbled across this, and have to say, when a chick can get onboard with the booty, i'm all over it. she's "bringin' booty back." hell, yeah, gurl! yours truly has been trying to do that for a while. booty power!

"mother & father" by broods

"big girls cry" by sia - i know, super downer. but damnit, when sia sings, she touches a little part of my soul i didn't know existed until i knew her. shout out to ally for that, btw. we'll pick up the pace for the rest of the list...

"stupid me" by magic! - pop punk and new wave made a baby. it was magic!

"flesh war" by total control - i'll never tire of the new-new wave. never. so, don't even try to make me. i'll eat up bands like total control with a spork any day of the week.

"do you" by spoon - it's the next release from the impending release, they want my soul.

"iced out" by concord america - if you're looking for some sunday funday action, get over to 97 estoria on july 13th to witness these guys play from their new album. they're this week's local flava for your listening pleasure. i gotta say, that dirty guitar ish is real tasty. kind of makes me wanna lick the strings from where it came from.

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