Friday, July 11, 2014

mixtape friday - july 11th

the last mixtape i'll do from atlanta. aw, it's bittersweet. i'm packing my things and moving to austin, tx next week. after all these years, claire and i will be geographically reunited (and it feels so gooood). wish me luck!

i figured i would get a little nostalgic with this playlist; ya know, a collection of the songs that remind me of atlanta, tracks from my favorite local bands...that kind of thing. so i dedicate this week's list to my hometown, and all of the peeps who've given me stories to tell. i love it, but i gotta hang up my peaches for longhorns. sorry for the myspace links...some of these bandz are defunct (or, de-funked?).

"12th street" by the judies - before warren had to go to jail, he was heading up one of my favorite local acts. god knows i wrote about them enough. i also have fond memories of the crazy, scrawny kid who wore ladies' shirts on stage, and how he could probably charm me out of my pants if i were a little dumber than i was.

"marie" by boulevard - a local radio dj dragged me to smith's one night to see this band he loved. he told me we couldn't hang out if i didn't abide. i'm glad i refrained from being snarky (especially because this guy provided hours of entertainment for claire and i), because vice & daring was very easily one of my most favorite albums. and, i still listen to it.

"precious" by depeche mode - the only time i drove out to gwinnett, it was to see the legendary kings of new wave with someone very special.

"on the sly" by metric - thanks to fat asian baby, i was afforded the luxury of meeting a great bunch of folks with amazing musical taste. they were inspiring. a very proper dude mixed me a CD that had some metric on it, and it changed my life!

"say anything (else)" by cartel - i know, i know. how could i have been so attached to all the pop punk hype behind these guys, and all others in that genre? you're only as young as your taste, right? then i'm perpetually 17.

"fracture" by rantings of eva - can't shout out to my favorite local bands without mentioning this one, especially given my honorary roadie status. (my exponential crush on that irish kid in the band aside.)

"i summon you" by spoon - considering how many times i listened to this while walking to brunch, or a show, or the video store...i'll always be reminded of the two weeks between fall and winter where the weather is actually supafly.

"since k got over me" by the clientele - i'd have at least fifty bucks if someone paid me a dollar for every sunday morning i spent in my shitty apartment on the plush purple couch with a cup of coffee and strange geometry. bliss!

"gigantic" by the pixies - i can't hear this classic without thinking of a bike messenger, and a shit ton of people practically falling over each other to get closer to the pixies at the last music midtown that wasn't full of polo-wearing frat kids.

"atliens" by outkast - it was tradition to throw the radio to this song when riding dirty into atlanta from my alma mater in south georgia. the trick was to synch passing the old national highway exit right as the lyrics began.

"mother" by danzig - as many times as i watched my heart sing this at metalsome, i can't leave it off. it also doubles as a reminder of the cry tough metal bash claire and i threw back in 2007.

hell, i might as well throw "zombie" by the cranberries in there, too - as it was the theme to the inception of the zombie pub crawl that had me shuffling down north highland making grawr noises at young children in an effort to make them shit their pants. also, i will treasure all the times i spent on the set of the walking dead as a walker. i met some really cool zombie enthusiasts from that.

yes, that's me. 

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