Tuesday, June 17, 2014

new music tuesday - june 17

what's new today?

lana del ray: ultraviolence. the one lady i have no issues channeling has released another album, labeled with explicit content, of course. i'll take two helpings of that, please. you can stream it on spotify.

j. lo: a.k.a. i honestly don't give a rat's ass about this album, but she's apparently relevant, so i'm putting it here. thanks to her, we're going to see more twerking, which i could do without. preesh, jenny.

willie nelson: band of brothers. i sat down one night and watched this guy perform on the television. being a product of a southern postsecondary education, i appreciate me some willie. it's pretty exciting that he has some new material out.

t.i. & iggy azalea: "no mediocre." mediocre is one of my favorite words. i have no idea how this will ever be able to played on the radio, though.

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