Friday, June 06, 2014

mixtape friday - june 6

even though i'm in austin kickin' it with claire this weekend, i still managed to bring you a playlist. amazing, aren't i? i know. anyway, i think this week should be a little more rock-based since last week i got all chill-pop and stuff. i like songs with bad words, so beware. i'm throwing the spotify list here at the end in case you're cool enough to be able to check it out that way.

"beware the dog" the griswolds - this song is like a circus. like, it sounds like a circus. i feel like i should be at an island party listening to this. and, it is so sassy. sasssssy.

"southern comfort" the orwells - from sassy to raunchy! just how i like it. i mean, i think the title of the song should give a little away.

"shake shake shake" the sounds - i seriously think this band can do no wrong. they go on every playlist i've ever made when i've been motivated to do some kind of physical activity for my health. the beats are so sick, even penicillin can't cure them. heyo!

"poster of a girl" metric - damnit, i love metric. i really don't know what i'd do without emily haines. i'd cry a lot, probably. this is one of my most favorite songs of theirs, even though it's total throwback.

"pompeii" bastille - i stumbled onto this somehow, and i played it more than once. soooo, i guess that means i dig it. although, it's a little poppy. but different than, say, anything-on-top-40 poppy.

"down" the kooks - is it just me, or does it sound like the white stripes threw up all over this song? surprisingly, i still like it, despite that.

"fever" black keys - mmmm, i was hooked on this at the very first chord. the whole album, really. but in particular, this song, and the sexiness that oozes from it. i'm down for the count.

"nashville" old 97s - i think everyone is finally realizing what i've known (or, was taught) for a while. the old 97s are kings, and this song doesn't give a shit about censoring itself. and neither does the rest of the album, and i kind of love them for that. preach on.

"the line" mood rings - this is good song to end with. to kind of bring you down from the rest of these songs. it's the musical downer of the seven uppers you've been ingesting for the past 20-something minutes. if you get a chance to catch this band, i would. i was lucky one night and saw them, and damn, i've been aching for more of them ever since. looks like they'll be at 529 on june 20th.

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