Friday, June 20, 2014

mixtape friday - june 20

it's the summer solstice edition of mixtape friday. tomorrow is going to be a really long day. go outside and do something with it. reflect. bring your ipod.

*"out of mind" by magic man

*"if it wasn't true" by shamir

*"you're not good enough" by blood orange

*"bad habit" by foals

*"drowning" by banks

*"montauk fling" by lawrence rothman
beware the explicit, y'all.

*"face again" by how to dress well

*"new as dew" by ruby the rabbitfoot
you'll like this is you're into the weepies or that kind of thing.

*"nausea"  by craft spells

*"want my heart back" by nikki lane

*"fool of me" by say lou lou, feat. chet faker

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