Friday, June 13, 2014

mixtape friday - june 13

it's friday the 13th! how exciting! all we need now is a full moon and some wolves and stuff, and it's a party. but wait! it IS a full moon! oh man...i can't wait to read the news tomorrow.

*"doses & mimosas" by cherub: i'm hittin' it right out the gate this week with this song. it's like the electronic version of steel panther. so, i'm on it. real dirty-like. if you're feeling a little slack because you've been working all week, and you need your motivation to pick up, this seems to work well for that. i think my favorite part is the chorus..."to all the high class ass that's too hard to pass, oh, yeah, i hate you, too..."

*"closer" by tegan and sara: i realize this song is "old" to all the hip humans of the world, but i only just heard it. it makes me want to dance. with other people.

*"rollercoaster" by bleachers: this song is so much fun. it's like the 80s and the inception of pop punk met and came up with this song. two of my guilty pleasures rolled into one.

*"paris" by little dragon: yet another group that's going to be here this weekend. who's going to be there? i am. if you don't already have a ticket...too bad, so sad. it sold out.

*"hoochie coochie" by band of skulls: i feel like if i was walking down the street while spinning this, i'd have to involuntarily shake my ass a little from side to side.

*"brill bruisers" by the new pornographers: i'm so excited about new music from these guys! it's like a christmas present has been offered to me really super early. mark your calendars for november 6th at the buckhead theatre, by the you can see them in real life.

*"kelly" by the pains of being pure at heart: these guys are opening up for the new pornographers, so it seems fitting to throw somethin' of theirs on this list. the vocals here are killer.

*"after the disco" by broken bells: the retro vibe behind this song is so, so, so delicious. it's pretty masterful, if you ask me. sold.

*"hollow ponds" by damon albarn: dude is at the fox theatre tonight, so why not include one of my favorites from everyday robots? this song is awesome. it's kind of creepy, and i love it.

*"harlem" by cathedrals: this is not their newest release as far as singles go, but i like it the best, so it goes here. i love the way the song changes throughout.

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