Saturday, June 14, 2014

little dragon - variety playhouse - june 14th

i feel sad for anyone who didn't get to see this show. i have a feeling the next time they return, the venue won't be as intimate as our beloved variety playhouse. if you're in charleston or asheville, you still have a chance to see them next week on the last bit of their tour.

i had no idea there'd be an opening act, but i was actually pretty pleased with it. lawrence rothman did a short set right on time (i love that, btw). despite being called "lawrence rothman," which sounds like he's a solo act, he has a girl lending backing vocals, and another dude that does some kind of electronic musical stylings while lawrence sings. and, does he sing. his voice is so incredibly deep, it almost didn't seem like it was coming from him. i realized it was once he took the opportunity to speak to the crowd between songs. i was into it, and i'll be listening to these guys some more now. very good pairing for the main event, if you ask me. i'll leave "montauk fling" here for you to check out (don't let any virgin ears listen to it, though).

an hour after the show started, little dragon came out. i like anticipation, but sometimes, it can be too much. i did feel like that initially, but they redeemed themselves by ripping right into "mirror," making me glad i didn't throw a weird tantrum. the show was sold out, so the standing room in front of the stage was just too packed for me to justify braving it. i opted to watch from a riser, and their stage set-up is easy to admire from afar. no one can ever have enough LED lights, as far as i'm concerned. yukimi nagano is my new girl crush. her vocals were spot on - i could've been listening to the album in my car...but i much prefer to watch her sing, and sashay around in her adorable outift. at one point, i looked out and noticed that every body in the place was jumping, dancing, swaying, or all out losing it. these guys are performers, and their energy is contagious, and the songs are simply fantastic. my money was not wasted on any part of this show - what an awesome feeling.

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