Thursday, June 19, 2014

inbox purge - just the good good

i'm going to be nice and not post the crap here. you're welcome.
  • wild ones have announced a summer tour for the northeast. while it makes no difference to me, because the northeast is not where i will be this summer, i'll share anyway, because i like these guys. tour dates here

  • ry x doesn't mind if you listen to his stuff before it's mixed. no, really, he doesn't. he's taken his jeff buckley-inspired self and shared a new tune, "sweat," with the world. not gonna lie; i'm kind of sad after listening to it. but that's okay, right?

  • sye elaine spence covers bob marley's "is this love" and this video to go along with it, which is real sweet. hang on, those wet things on my face might be tears. i know it's just people dancing, but maybe it's the complement of the music that makes it so...heartfelt. or, something.

  • sleep thieves from ireland released a new album this week. the title track, "you want the night," is trippy. i am really into this whole album, actually. 

  • dry the river plans to release a new album august 26th. you can preview that noise with the video for the single, "gethsmane."

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