Friday, May 30, 2014

mixtape friday - may 30

i've been cleansing, in many ways. in the literal one, i found a bunch of mixed cds from my music friends of the past, so i'm inspired to do a mixtape of my week's obsessions. and by mixtape, i mean, i'm just going to link them so you can listen somewhere on the interwebs since we don't do tangible things anymore. these aren't necessarily new...just the shit i've had flowing to my aural from my buds, yo.

>sia - "chandelier" oh my god. this song really hits me where it hurts. the video is totally bad ass, too.

>chromeo - "jealous (i ain't with it)" i think i've been in love with this duo for the past ten years. hearing this new album and seeing everyone go balls over it makes me happy.

>the casket girls - "i've got a secret" i guess this is a local pick...they're from four hours south of me in savannah. this song is so effing creepy, but like, good creepy. the kind i like. i'm going to leave this spooky ass video for you to watch/listen to.

>haim -"if i could change your mind" & "days are gone" whatever, i'm late to the game, yet, again. i've been listening to them on the office radio mix at the jobby job, but i've been too lazy to dig deeper. until now! i love this album. they're lyrically the girl version of the old 97s for me.

>sylvan esso - "coffee" claire wrote about this song/band sometime last week. and, of course, it's awesome, because if her musical taste sucked, we wouldn't be bffls.

>little dragon - "pretty girls" this song talks about riding a goddamn unicorn. it makes me feel sexy. the whole album (nabuma rubberband) is worth checking out. they'll be at variety playhouse on june 14, bee tee dubs.

>ms mr - "think of you" i wrote about this song the other day. it's a nice gesture of "kiss my giant round ass" that i really enjoy listening to. with wine.

>m.i.a - "bad girls" i might have heard this in a vampire movie. what?! there's a hot russian beefcake served up in it! don't judge. anyway, i totes lean my car chair back when i jam this one.

>chvrches - "bela lugosi's dead" this cover of the bauhaus original just blows me away.

if you're using the spotify, you can listen to all of them (except the last one) on this super convenient playlist i made. aw, look how nice i am. happy friday!

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