Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22nd - Shows in the ATL

tonight is kind of the unofficial beginning of memorial day weekend. why not kick it off with a bit of live music? this cool guy told me about a couple of shows he recommends. i'm passing along the info because he has good taste.

529: doors are at 9pm and you'll pay $7 for cousin dan and on holiday. cousin dan is kind of on my bucket list, so i might have to finally cross that one off. i've actually written a piece about him before, but i was too lame to physically get myself to the show. wonk wonk.

the EARL: doors are at 9pm, and it'll cost $10 to enter for jacuzzi boys, concord america, and mammabear. the EARL is awesome because you can sample all three bands here. i'm really only familiar with mammabear, as it seems it is one of the phoenix bands in atlanta (read: was once kill gordon from the way way back). alas, i'm really digging the other two on the bill. it's all very durrrty. i like.

jacuzzi boys, yo:
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