Thursday, May 01, 2014

Better Than Ezra - Variety Playhouse - 4.30.14

last night, i crammed myself against a stage in a packed house to jam out to one of my favorite bands, better than ezra. i even have the bruise on my right hip to prove it. the band is off to their home base of new orleans to play jazz fest on saturday, so i feel like we all got a great show leading up to that. you may only remember them from the 90s if you weren't cool enough to keep up with them after, and, if that's the case, i encourage you to do some exploring. they played pretty much every song on my "bte faves" playlist, and then threw in a few new songs from their impending album, and a cover of james' "laid," which they have been playing for years. kevin griffin's ability to hit the real real high notes always amazes me. that guy's range is unreal.

i got a pretty great view of tom drummond from where i was standing. his bass has a fleur de lis cutout - which i love. i'm kind of obsessed with the big easy, though.

they also previewed a new cover - "the boys are back in town" that i predict those lucky enough to see them at jazz fest this weekend will get to experience.

here's a shot of the set list. i particularly liked "insane" - one of the new tunes i can look forward to.

if you know what's good for ya, listen to the new single, "crazy lucky" here - it's a live version from their appearance with the regular guys yesterday:

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