Friday, May 30, 2014

mixtape friday - may 30

i've been cleansing, in many ways. in the literal one, i found a bunch of mixed cds from my music friends of the past, so i'm inspired to do a mixtape of my week's obsessions. and by mixtape, i mean, i'm just going to link them so you can listen somewhere on the interwebs since we don't do tangible things anymore. these aren't necessarily new...just the shit i've had flowing to my aural from my buds, yo.

>sia - "chandelier" oh my god. this song really hits me where it hurts. the video is totally bad ass, too.

>chromeo - "jealous (i ain't with it)" i think i've been in love with this duo for the past ten years. hearing this new album and seeing everyone go balls over it makes me happy.

>the casket girls - "i've got a secret" i guess this is a local pick...they're from four hours south of me in savannah. this song is so effing creepy, but like, good creepy. the kind i like. i'm going to leave this spooky ass video for you to watch/listen to.

>haim -"if i could change your mind" & "days are gone" whatever, i'm late to the game, yet, again. i've been listening to them on the office radio mix at the jobby job, but i've been too lazy to dig deeper. until now! i love this album. they're lyrically the girl version of the old 97s for me.

>sylvan esso - "coffee" claire wrote about this song/band sometime last week. and, of course, it's awesome, because if her musical taste sucked, we wouldn't be bffls.

>little dragon - "pretty girls" this song talks about riding a goddamn unicorn. it makes me feel sexy. the whole album (nabuma rubberband) is worth checking out. they'll be at variety playhouse on june 14, bee tee dubs.

>ms mr - "think of you" i wrote about this song the other day. it's a nice gesture of "kiss my giant round ass" that i really enjoy listening to. with wine.

>m.i.a - "bad girls" i might have heard this in a vampire movie. what?! there's a hot russian beefcake served up in it! don't judge. anyway, i totes lean my car chair back when i jam this one.

>chvrches - "bela lugosi's dead" this cover of the bauhaus original just blows me away.

if you're using the spotify, you can listen to all of them (except the last one) on this super convenient playlist i made. aw, look how nice i am. happy friday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


how have i waited this long to delve further into ms mr? totally ridiculous on my part, for reals. i've been spinning their album, secondhand rapture, like it’s my damn job. i know, i totally missed the cool-taste-making indie boat on this one, but that’s what happens when you live under a rock.

anyway…i knew about their single “hurricane” thanks to a popular television show that i am way too old to be watching. that song is just so solid and chilling, and i remember thinking that these guys would probably turn out to be a one-hit wonder. i’m so wrong! this “think of you” song is like a kick to the family jewels, if you have those. (or, i imagine it would be…i have no personal experience with it.)  i mean, do not get on this chick’s bad side. lyrically speaking, i don’t think there are many females (and, i'm sure some males) out there who can’t identify with them. musically speaking, i cannot get enough of the drums and pianos that really drive this deep. but the great thing is that as much as i love that song, the other songs are great, too! praise the chillwave! you can listen to the whole damn thing and be satisfied. mmm. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Damon Albarn - Egyptian Ballroom at the Fox Theatre Ticket Giveaway

i've got a pair of tickets to give away to someone. damon albarn will be there on friday, june 13th. this guy not only has some impressive clout, he's got a pretty fabulous sound. the clout part comes from his blur days, and having been a fan of blur, and hearing what he's layin' down now, i can's so different. but, in a good way. you can check out a track off albarn's first solo album, everyday robots, below with the video for "heavy seas of love."

if you want to throw your name into the very literal hat i will be using to pull a winner for the tickets, just email me your name. i will pick a winner on tuesday, june 3rd.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22nd - Shows in the ATL

tonight is kind of the unofficial beginning of memorial day weekend. why not kick it off with a bit of live music? this cool guy told me about a couple of shows he recommends. i'm passing along the info because he has good taste.

529: doors are at 9pm and you'll pay $7 for cousin dan and on holiday. cousin dan is kind of on my bucket list, so i might have to finally cross that one off. i've actually written a piece about him before, but i was too lame to physically get myself to the show. wonk wonk.

the EARL: doors are at 9pm, and it'll cost $10 to enter for jacuzzi boys, concord america, and mammabear. the EARL is awesome because you can sample all three bands here. i'm really only familiar with mammabear, as it seems it is one of the phoenix bands in atlanta (read: was once kill gordon from the way way back). alas, i'm really digging the other two on the bill. it's all very durrrty. i like.

jacuzzi boys, yo:

Lykke Li's No Rest for the Wicked Belarbi Remix

i've been into remixes lately. i've also been into lykke li lately. therefore, i'm pleased to share this remix by french dude, belarbi. this whole move to electronic tunes is something i've tried to fight. but, dear god, i can't anymore. it makes me feel young. or, younger. anyway, i'm going to just sit here for several minutes and listen through this guy's remix collection and bask in the fact that i've once again found the cool side of myself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pearl Jam Going on Tour

if you want to see pearl jam, who is still jamming it out after more years than you've probably been alive, you can...if you live in the places they're playing.

may 30th is the magic date for public on sale. maybe they'll decide they want to go more places than just the few listed on their site.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Forever For Now

I'll be the first to admit that I love me some pop and this chick LP totally serves it up the way I like it.  She's already written material for a bunch of heavy-hitters like Rihanna (big yawn), Christina (little yawn) and Cher (rad), but she's decided to give it a go on her own with a debut album Forever For Now that comes out June 3rd.  I love to see talented people (the Linda Perrys of the world) step to the forefront in the pop world.

The first single "Night Like This" is already stuck in my head. Go girl!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Conor Oberst, On The Road Again

Conor Oberst is on the road in support of his soon-to-be-released Upside Down Mountain and just added a slew of new tour dates including a previously-announced stop in the ATL at The Shaky Knees Festival this Saturday (May 10th) and a date in Austin at Stubb's in September. Tickets for the Austin show go on sale tomorrow (May 8th). Getcha some.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso played their way around SXSW in March stirring up quite a buzz. If you're not familiar with the project, it's Amelia Meath (from Mountain Man) and Nick Sanborn (from Megafaun).  It's low key, dreamy music that might not grab you on the first listen but definitely gets under your skin.

If you're a SiriusXM subscriber you have no doubt heard their first single "Coffee" -- which I am totally in love with -- on XMU Channel 35 over the past few months. It seems like Partisan Records fished that one out to radio way early because the album release date has been a long time coming. Their self-titled disc will be available to purchase on Tuesday, May 13.

Check out their debut video. I'm loving it:

Friday, May 02, 2014

Caught a Ghost. Like A Virgin.

Okay, damnit. I wanted to be Madonna when I was 8. I grabbed every petticoat in view. Anything lace was mine. All mine! I was going to be her when I grew up, despite the fact that I could not sing. Didn't matter. Not then. Not now!  Anyway, here is Caught a Ghost. With a cover like no other of "Like A Virgin." Enjoy it like I have.

Let's Take The Money And Run

Maurice Sendak once said the greatest compliment he ever received was when he responded to a child's fan letter with an original drawing of a Wild Thing and the kid's mom later wrote him and said that he liked the drawing so much he ate it. I know exactly how he feels. I want to eat this new Afghan Whigs album, because it's just that good. If you haven't followed Dulli's career through Twilight Singers, solo stuff, and Gutter Twins you obviously live under a rock, but if you're a fan of his off-kilter swagger, this album is for you. For a first listen, try "Matamoros" or "Lost In The Woods" -- classic Afghan Whigs material. For something different, check out the first single "Algiers" along with it's awesome video. If you're more into Twilight Singers then "It Kills" is for you. There's isn't a bad track one. I want to eat them all. Nom nom nom.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Better Than Ezra - Variety Playhouse - 4.30.14

last night, i crammed myself against a stage in a packed house to jam out to one of my favorite bands, better than ezra. i even have the bruise on my right hip to prove it. the band is off to their home base of new orleans to play jazz fest on saturday, so i feel like we all got a great show leading up to that. you may only remember them from the 90s if you weren't cool enough to keep up with them after, and, if that's the case, i encourage you to do some exploring. they played pretty much every song on my "bte faves" playlist, and then threw in a few new songs from their impending album, and a cover of james' "laid," which they have been playing for years. kevin griffin's ability to hit the real real high notes always amazes me. that guy's range is unreal.

i got a pretty great view of tom drummond from where i was standing. his bass has a fleur de lis cutout - which i love. i'm kind of obsessed with the big easy, though.

they also previewed a new cover - "the boys are back in town" that i predict those lucky enough to see them at jazz fest this weekend will get to experience.

here's a shot of the set list. i particularly liked "insane" - one of the new tunes i can look forward to.

if you know what's good for ya, listen to the new single, "crazy lucky" here - it's a live version from their appearance with the regular guys yesterday: