Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Steel Panther Releases "All You Can Eat"

well, i'll be damned, i've just gotten the best news ever. my favorite cock rockers, steel panther, have gone and blown their lyrical load all over the place with this new album, "all you can eat." i've come to this conclusion after streaming "party like tomorrow is the end of the world," and from the opening line commanding listeners to have sex with every female of the species you see, all the way to the suggestion of making some cougar porn - it's pure gold. i'm really drawn to the rawness of the riffs coming from "gangbang at the old folks home", too.

these guys not only put on a fan-freaking-tastic live show, they also make my stomach curl into fits of laughter with their overly crass originals. i've added "ride the steel panther tour bus" to my bucket list.

you can get a taste of the panther here.

no tour date listed for atlanta, but cross your fingers that one pops up like the bulge in starr's skin-tight leather pants. yeah, i went there.

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