Friday, April 04, 2014

Review: Rhett Miller - Eddie's Attic - 4/3/14

not like i make a big secret of my love for the old 97s and their whiskey-slinging, road-touring, lovin' and leavin' songs, so it should come as no surprise that i'm still reeling from the amazing performance front man rhett miller gave at eddie's attic last night. eddie's boasts such an intimate setting that mr. miller was able to take advantage of playing to a group of his biggest fans in the ATL in a small space devoid of screaming drunks, allowing for song requests and crowd connection that isn't typically found in larger venues. even with a small stage to work with, rhett was able to display his expert guitar skills and signature windmill action, in addition to that i'm-makin'-love-to-my-guitar hip sway that all the ladies swoon over, and all the mens envy.

in between the hilariously delivered storytelling, rhett played many old 97s favorites like barrier reef, salome, niteclub, doreen, victoria, big brown eyes, timebomb, four leaf clover, indefinitely, question, and you belong to my heart. yet, he was still able to play some solo numbers. he also played a good bit of the new new, which i was real excited to hear since the album hasn't dropped yet. his encore included the first single off the album most messed up, "longer than you've been alive." free download at the link there, homey.

honestly, i was more than pleased with everything i heard. old school fans are going to love the new stuff. there's a whole lot of mention of whiskey and gettin' it on and being messed up. the most messed up, in fact. believe it when i say you'll find my ass parked front and center when the 97s come back to atlanta may 29th at terminal west. except this time, i'm not wearing heels.

here is some evidence of what a great guy mr. miller is. he stayed and chatted with fans, took pictures, and signed swag even after performing for an hour plus and guzzling back a couple neat jamesons. see?

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