Tuesday, April 08, 2014

MAX - Streets of Gold

i'm not one to discriminate against pop. well, i'm not anymore, at least. not since i developed a hard crush on bruno mars and his michael jackson reincarnate self. so, i will share this little bit of poppy man love from MAX (max schneider). maybe one day he'll win a slashy award for his abilities in acting slash singing! while he just dropped this "streets of gold" song (posted below), i decided to listen to some of his other stuff while i checked it out. i have a feeling this guy is going to be hashtagged by seventeen year olds across the states in no time. he's cute, and he can sing a tune you can dance to (specifically "mug shot"), or woo over. so, if you're into that, or need something to make you feel young, go on and hit that MAX soundcloud.

he's playing terminal west on june 15th, bee tee dubs. tickets are on sale for that show this friday, april 11.

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