Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Grace & Tony - The Greenroom Sessions

the quality of this video is pretty crappy. the sound is all over the place. i realize the rawness is the point of this whole thing, but really, i hate that.

however, i really love this interesting collaboration and the music the duo grace & tony are making with cellist malcolm parson. they're planning to post these backstage impromptu musical collabs twice a month.i am really diggin' on the marriage of orchestral strings with the banjo. it's a sophisticated folk sound that i'm sure i'd never tire from.

if you want to keep up with these sessions (and, if you appreciate real musicians, you'll want to), you can find them on the boot. if you want to see them in person, it looks like may 18th is your chance at the red clay theatre in duluth. you could make a day of it! hit the jeju spa, then head over for some punkgrass tunes. what a great idea.

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