Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bootstraps Whitney Houston Cover - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

a sure way to grab my attention is to tell me that someone has taken one of my favorite pop songs from the preteen years of my life, and covered it acoustically. i will bite EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. typically, i hate covers because some rapper has taken it and turned it into an over-auto-tuned steaming pile of musical poo. but this, this right here, folks, i can appreciate.

bootstraps  has released a hot little cover of "i wanna dance with somebody" (which, by the way, i practice heavily on my home karaoke machine because i love it so much...) in a very sad, sullen manner a la every storyline of grey's anatomy ever. you may have heard it on last week's episode, or, you can listen to it below. it's like whitney has come back and haunted me via bootstraps' eerie guitar/piano version of her upbeat & happy rendition.

bootstraps will be present on may 16th at vinyl. tickets are cheap and can found here.

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