Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upcoming ATL Live Music

of course, there's always a ton going on, but a few look like they'd interest me further. thanks to the bowery south for bringing some worthy shizz to our fine city.

>april 10: ben kweller at the EARL. if you're into that folksy, young, and charming boy thing, then this is the show for you. dudes, you could probably pick up a chick pretty easily at this show. get tickets here.

>april 14th: the sounds at terminal west. good god, i love the sounds so freakin' much. they make an appearance on every single playlist i have that throws me into a fit of dancing. while they got the beat, they also have a real snarky attitude, which i can get with. plus, blondefire is opening, and that makes this show a total deal. tickets here.

>april 30th: christina perri at buckhead theatre. i would love to attend, but better than ezra trumps this show in my personal book. this is a total girly show - especially since she's gained her fame from launching that song "a thousand years" for twilight breaking dawn. but i gotta give this perri lady some major props for her impressive ink. tickets here.

>may 12th: chromeo at variety playhouse. chromeo, chromeo, where for art thou, chromeo? i'll tell ya where - they're tucked into my back pocket forcing me to funk it up. i've been listening to them for years, ever since i discovered the "needy girl" video. they've had their ups and downs, but i suspect their impending rise to the top is now solidified with their new single, "jealous." get yer tickets here, yo.

>may 18th: we are scientists at the EARL. saw these guys way back when. i haven't kept up with them, but anytime i hear a riff from an older track of theirs, i swear to myself to google them and see what they're up to. looks like they're still alive and touring. tickets here.
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