Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer Show Overload

I highly recommend the following shows, mainly because I will be at them rocking my face clear off my skull.

>Thursday, April 3rd: Eddie's Attic: Rhett Miller (SWOON) Tickets HERE

It's not like I make my love for the Old 97s and Rhett Miller unknown. Pretty much every juke in Atlanta (and various other towns) has had to endure my endless life soundtrack. Rhett dons the lovely, romantic, sullen side of that grit in his solo project. And, Eddie's is the perfect place to see him. Here's one of my faves from him.

>Wednesday, April 30: Variety Playhouse: Better Than Ezra Tickets HERE

Ever since I was just almost old enough to drive, I've been a big fan of Kevin Griffin's unbelievably high-pitched range and clever catalog of tunes. I guess you could call my love for BTE undying, in a way. Throughout high school, college, even grad school, I have changed immensely, but my face still lights up at any one of their notes I hear at any given time. 

I listen to this every time I'm on a plane headed to New Orleans. Also, they just dropped a dope new single, "Crazy Lucky," that you can listen to on USA Today. I likey.

>Wednesday, May 7th: Masquerade: Margot & The Nuclear So and So's Tickets HERE

While they've been traveling the indie circuit for a while, I've only caught them once, and that was probably about five years ago. I'm due for my next Margot show, and this is it! They have several band members, and instruments that make for a super powerful sound. This video is a good example of some real musicians who actually play instruments and stuff. 

>Thursday, May 29th: Terminal West: the Old 97s Tickets HERE

I got so severely excited about this show that I now have an extra pair of tickets in case anyone wants to buy them off me for face value. 

My favorite band of all-time. So much, in fact, that I have branded my car with their band sticker. I have never done that in my entire life (except maybe once in high school, and we will not be talking about that band sticker - it's too embarrassing), so you know it's endless love. The fact that I get a double-dose of alt-country perfection is almost too much for me to handle. I haven't checked out this venue yet, so I'm excited for that, too.

I'm leaving this video, because I caught them at SummerFest years ago, and this is easily one of my fave songs.

>Friday, August 8th: Lakewood Amphitheatre: NIN

My good buddy, CBird, got me a ticket to this Nine Inch Nails show, and I am going!! The last time I saw them was when CBird took me in 2005. It was at the Tabernacle and the Dresden Dolls opened. I had an out of body experience. While I'm sure nothing will ever top that, I am grateful for this band, and my friend. Trent Reznor is too hot for his own good. Le sigh.

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