Friday, March 28, 2014

Free $20 For an UBER Cool Ride

it's the weekend, y'all! time for dranks and frands and music and having a good time. the lovely folks over at UBER know you're going to have too good of a time to be driving yourself around town, if ya know what i mean, so they sent me this code for new users. you could even cheat and use a different email address for a new account if you have already discovered the i'm-so-rich-and-classy-i-ride-in-like-a-celebrity feeling before. i won't tell anyone.

so, go ahead. have that shot of tequila when you're out and about. feel no guilt!

put that app on your smartphone, and sign up at UBER for $20 off a ride - good until may 31, 2014, but only if you sign on the dotted line this weekend. it sounds like you can use it anywhere in the good ol U S of A.

don't say i never gave you anything.
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