Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inbox Dump, April Edition

>>It's Tax Day! Well, it is for all you procrastinatin' slackers out there, at least. Google Play is having a sweet little flash sale on some albums (there's some old school Weezer in there!). Also seen: LCD Soundsystem, The Black Keys, and David Bowie, among others. I'm about to go digitally stock up. Only $2.99! Uh oh, iTunes, you might have some competition.

>>Got this sweet little musical treat in the gmail: Viceroy's remix of St. Lucia's "Closer Than This." Hey, if you're gonna tempt me with album art that makes me think I'm on a boat (like Lonely Island-style), I'm gonna listen. I feel like this ditty is the love child of The Sounds and Youth Group (wouldn't you love to witness THAT conception?!). You can listen here.

>>Sweetwater Brewery is holding their annual 420 Fest April 20-22 in Candler Park. If you're a noodler, you'll make fast friends at this event. And by noodling, I'm not refering to catching you a big ass catfish, either.

>>If you're interested in broadening your cultural horizons, head on over to this square of cyberspace and listen to Los Miticos Del Ritmo's version of "Another One Bites the Dust." Is it just me, or is does this make you think of sitting in a Latin restaurant being served by people in lederhosen?

>>Summer's coming (and, it's gonna be a scorcher!)...you might be road-tripping because you like spending lots of money on gas. If that's true, Zimmer can help you out with the soundtrack for your next roadtrip. So sweet of him! Try out "Desert Drive" here.

>>Lastly, William Beckett will be performing at the Masquerade on May 25. I am WAY too old to be hittin' these all ages shows, but I thought I would mention it because he is, after all, my most prized guilty pleasure. And, it's only $10 to get in. I mean, really...listen to this:
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