Monday, June 06, 2011

Noel Stephen & the Darlings

Got a little submission from this band from Atlanta called Noel Stephen & the Darlings. Can I just say "praise the musical gods!"?!

If you're familiar with another band that used to hang around these parts called Snowden, this guy's voice reminds me Jordan Jeffares' fabulous vocality. Noel Stephen boasts some pretty great music behind those adorable vocals, too. Always a plus! It's a cross between folky obscure indie boomness, alt-country twang, and old-school saloon music (check out "Constellation" from the link above to see what I mean). I like them even more that they have pictures of four-legged furry friends as their cover art. Needless to say, I lovvvveeeee this stuff. I do. I love it.

You can catch them June 20th at Wonderroot Community Center
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