Thursday, June 02, 2011

Merrifield Records Gives Good Love.

When you drop names like "the Bravery" and "Louis XIV" - I listen!

I did not know about the Shapes until they magically floated into my inbox, and after listening and feeling like I'd reverted to my post-teenage pop punk haven, I suddenly felt a twinge of my favorite band, the Old 97s, because of how angry this song is. And, I super love it! This is the anthem for the "We Hate People" club, which I have a long-standing membership in. So, check out The Shapes' "I'm OK."

The other part of the "love" comes from the Danvilles' "I Tell You," which you can watch below. It kind of make me want cheese (ya know, 'cause of the whine), but it doesn't suck. I like cheese. And I really love wine.

Best part? You can download free-ness at the Merrifield Records site.
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