Monday, May 16, 2011

Vivian Girls

The older I get, the more I tend to gravitate to chick music. And, by that, I mean music made by chicks. Jenny Lewis. Florence and the Machine. Grace Potter. And the list goes on.

Caught wind of this little three piece from Brooklyn (go figure), Vivian Girls, and decided to listen to a few ditties. I'm so torn about how I feel about this. One hand, it's like they're the female version of Balkans with the irritating lead vocals, that in some instances, sound so eerie, it's making me wanna call Zak Bagans to make sure I haven't been exposed to some kind of supernatural being that's going to suck my soul through my ears and leave me in a pile of empty flesh on the cold, hardwood floor. On the other hand, the music is super pop retro and pleasing to the ear. Clearly I'm having some internal conflict about them. Overall, I think I could probably listen to this if it was thrown into my Cat Power playlist. However, I don't think having this band play in a constant stream would do a whole lot for me.

Vivian Girls' Album - Share The Joy
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