Thursday, May 12, 2011


See, this is what happens when you tell your musically inclined friends that you've been riding a wave of musical notes molded from poo; they send you something they think you'll looooove. In my case, Reptar has been passed along. Wasn't Reptar a character in "Rugrats"? Or was that something else? Why do I even know that? Anyway...

Other than almost having a meltdown caused from hallucinations after visiting their website, I can totally see myself spinning their Of Montrealesque tunes while I'm scrubbing the grout from the bathroom tile. Because, really, that might be the only thing that'd make me happy about completing that task. You got alotta weird ass additions to the typical band instruments going on, but overall, I don't mind feeling like I'm riding a theoretical roller-coaster simply from listening to these dudes. You can judge for yourself. That's why I cleverly hoisted up those links.
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