Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nadia Marie

So, I have this friend who produces music, and we were havin' some beers one day, and he's like, "Leah, you gotta hear this chick I'm working with. She is the FUTURE!" Now, I don't typically buy into that kind of hype. I didn't, at least, until he insisted I take a listen. Ho. Ly. Fudgesicles. Nadia Marie. She plays the guitar. She is simply ridiculous on the mike. I'm trying to figure out why this girl hasn't been given a multi-million dollar record deal, yet. It's weird. She's got this kind of retro (and by retro, I mean, go back to the 30s or 40s) voice accompanied with a soul-sucking kind of music that collides perfectly to make a most impressive sound. You really should just go listen to it. And, you should probably go see her at a dive bar venue soon before she blows up and is selling out big rooms like the Tabernacle. Just sayin', is all.
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