Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Lots of musical fiasco this week, it seems.

Things I'm Excited About:
Pierre deReeder makes new label. I like him because he is part of Rilo Kiley. And, because he's a nice dood.

Sade is coming out with a 'new' album. She's only responsible for the conception of all people my age. True story. She's hitting the Chastain series this summer, too, if you can afford those puppies.

If you're into that heavy stuff, the drummer from Atlanta's metal gods, Mastadon, has a couple side projects you can check out.

Local Atlanta band Young Orchids just released a recorded album on iTunes. I have seen these dudes play. They're not bad, considering they are comprised of now defunct outfits Kill Gordon and the Futurists, who I was always stoked about back in the day. I guess I can look past the fact that Kyle Gordon acted like he had no idea who I was last time I bumped into him. This is a lesson, kiddies. Don't do drugs.

On Monday, May 9, Drive a Faster Car is hosting a show at the EARL.

Things I Could Do Without:
REM. Really. I think the new album is poop. Enough of the rotation already. Do you know how many albums are released each week? I don't, but I DO know that there's enough material out there to PLAY SOMETHING ELSE!

Miley Cyrus covering Nirvana. Hey, didya feel that gust of wind? It was Kurt Cobain's ashes swirling around aimlessly while trying to figure out why anyone would allow Miss Cyrus to publicly croon "Smells Like Teen Spirit." O.M.G.

The Black-Eyed Peas. When are people going to realize how terrible this "band" is?! I'd like to plea with all pop culture sources known to mankind. Please. Stop promoting this scummy, crapperific bag of suck. Thank you.
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