Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Email Inbox Dump - Payday Edition

I get lots of fun stuff in my inbox. I feel better after I weigh in on it, pass it along, and then delete it. It's like cleaning. So, let's try to put a dent in some of the latest submissions.

->Pretty Bird: Sometimes, I wonder what the hell kinda drugs people are on that make them think that anyone would want a recording of their music. Like, hey, if you were hanging out on a bender making some music in the woods, it probably sounded awesome then. Because you're all into it and stuff. I'm sure this is great for that, but while this is plugged into my ears, I have a feeling of anxiety that makes me want to throw myself off the building I'm sitting in if that'll get me far away from this...this...noise. I don't like 'music' to be unsettling. I mean, just listen to this. The musicians are Pretty Bird outta Athens, and looks like you can get the album (which uses no instruments) for free download from that link. Have at it. Post-disclaimer: I do not spend my Sunday nights at open mic night in the coffee shop. If you do, this is probably right up your alley. Thank you.

->Gun Party: WARNING: If you have small children with virgin ears, you might wanna save this part until they're tucked away in bed. It's what you call "explicit." I'm not really sure what the deal is, but this crass form of filthy rock makes me feel...alive. And, I ain't gonna lie; the dude with the hair is fun to look at. Check out their video for "Possessions" below. I like it. It's got a ton of Atlanta landmarks strewn throughout that make me miss bein' 24 and poor and itchin' for MJQ Wednesday nights. So, Gun Party, after checking out some of your work, I am happy to report that my eyes are officially on the lookout for you. I'll happily serve as your digital pimp. Within reason, of course. Looks like they're playing this Friday night, June 3rd at 529 in EAV.

->Nightlands: Yet another ambient-type 'band.' What is with this ambient stuff lately? Hey, this doesn't suck, though. We're two for three today! It's a record! Anyway, Nightlands is playing with Sondre Lerche this summer, and will be at Variety on June 11th if you're interested in some sway-like, dreamy make-out movie music. If I didn't have such a terrible memory attached to how I bought some dude a ticket to Sondre Lerche only to have him stand me up and make me eat those tickets one time, then I'd totally go to this. Instead, I'm just going to drink beer and listen to my iPod with my hot husband.

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