Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better Than Ezra Hit Atlanta May 13

PHOTO CREDIT: Rick Olivier

From L to R: Tom Drummond, Kevin Griffin and Michael Jerome

Well, damn, I somehow missed this while poring through local listings. One of my most favorite bands that has managed to satisfy me for the past (gulp!) SIXTEEN years is going to be in town Friday night. Uh, yeah. Better Than Ezra is going to bring their ridiculously epic pop-alternative rock to Center Stage Friday night, May 13. You can get tickets beforehand for a mere $22 by visiting that little link.

Ya know, this is one of those bands that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Is it Kevin Griffin's dashing good looks? Could be. But it might have more to do with his uncanny songwriting abilities that can be found not only with his own band, but also through Taylor Swift (I think she's one of John Mayer's million women) and SugarLand (and we all know them from Soul Miner's Daughter, eh?).

They've replaced their drummer since the last time I found myself pushing the stage, swaying in a beer-infused euphoria. Woot! Can't wait to revisit that. Maybe you'll get to see me revert to my bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 22-year old self...
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