Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Musical Mardi Gras

It's Fat Tuesday. I'm not Catholic, and I don't fast, and I don't celebrate the whole Mardi Gras thing, however, I really like shiny beads. So, I'm posting some New Orleans/Mardi Gras/Tuesday related songs. It's a Mardi Gras playlist, y'all.

-Better Than Ezra: Famously from the New Orleans area, they boast many songs about the time spent there as college guys at LSU. I distinctively remember my high school days when I hear anything from Friction, Baby, although that was sparked by the whole mass appeal of "Good." I have admittedly attended more shows than I can even count at this point, and I have a couple of guitar picks from my overly excitable flailing in front of the stage at each of those shows. This also means I have more favorites than you can possibly imagine. While I assume the general population knows of the 90s pop rock spectacular that is Better Than Ezra, this is because I forget that I am OLD. Anyway, I recommend the following:
->"Sincerely, Me"
->"King of New Orleans"
->"Juicy" (which I'm positive was used to promote Desperate Housewives)

-Cowboy Mouth: Another band that was known from the nineties. While I'm not really on the bandwagon with this particular kind of music, I won't rob you of it. And, they're from NOLA, so it fits the theme. Check out "Tell the Girl Ur Sorry" from their album Fearless. And, if you wanna see them live, hit Park Tavern on March 26th.

-The Dixie Cups: Heading back to the 60s (one of the best decades ever for music, btw), The Dixie Cups had that infectious tune "Iko Iko," which based its lyrics on a Mardi Gras Indian parade collision. While the Dixie Cups did not write the song, they certainly made it famous. I mean, who isn't familiar with it? Doesn't Disney use it a lot? Not that I'm an expert on Disney, or anything...

-Lynyrd Skynyrd: I know it's probably hard to believe, but back in my college days, I was a big Skynyrd fan. Yup. I even endured the pain of serving a bunch of drunk rednecks shots of something purple in order to get free admission to their remaining members "comeback" show. No one ever told me I wasn't resourceful. So, naturally, I'll mention "Tuesday's Gone" here, because, damnit, it's a terrific tune. Everyone needs a soundtrack for memories and cold ones. This is on mine.

-Rolling Stones: "Ruby Tuesday"! I'm not talking about the corporate chain of restaurants with the amazing salad bar, here. I'm talking about that lovely song by the Stones. There are actually two supposed Mardi Gras themes in this song. 1: It mentions "Tuesday." And 2: the rumor is that the woman it's about lives in New Orleans. There ya go. Bam.

Anyone have others to add?
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