Friday, January 09, 2009

huey lewis said it best.

"if this is it, please let me know; if this ain't love you better - let me go!"

and that's how i feel about it. "it" being this blog. not that i owe any kind of explanation, but after much mulling over staying, or going, or being sporadic, i've decided to just let the sleeping dog lie.

in the past year, i've moved from atlanta to new york...and back to atlanta. i've left my job for another one, only to return to it once again. i've figured out that i'd rather sit at home with the sweetest puppy in the world and conquer my day job in corporate taxes than sit in a smoky venue with self-righteous, brooding "musicians," who i seem to have formed an unhealthy opinion about. (if you see me somewhere, and there is beer involved, i'll be happy to elaborate - i won't do it here.) i've watched great and talented bands struggle, and i've watched the shittiest of all bands flourish. thanks, but, no thanks. the love and luster of sharing stellar music finds has diminished to a dull point that is truly heartbreaking to me, and with that, i will leave it alone. i hope that i (along with claire and terri and ally) was able to help the deserving bands and artists along the way in some shape or form; because that was the beginning intent of the blog, and if i (or we) did that, then we did our job!

for the local bands that made going to a show worth the hassle of parking and worth the door charge - thank you! (trances arc, the futurists, variac, rantings of eva, the bridges...just to name a few)

and to the label and PR companies that sent me CDs and list spots to some really super duper shows, thank you. (please don't email me anymore, though.)

and with that, i'm off - off to live a life away from the computer! arrivederci!
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