Tuesday, December 23, 2008

new year's eve edition.

let me first start off by expressing how flattered i am that some horrible little girl is trying to rip off this blog by not only almost completely mirroring the name of it, but also by using the same phrases, such as "bands i heart," that i (we) have been using here for the past 3ish years. it's okay, though, because even though you can try your hardest to fake being us, you can't fake good taste! moving right along...

there is never a lack of of things to do in the atlanta area on NYE. especially if you happen to love music. here are a couple of options for you to ponder.

>>variety playhouse will be hosting athens boys the whigs. but more importantly than them, band of horses will be headlining. band of horses! of course, it is sold out, but you know, you can always dip into the craigslist ads. maybe you'll be lucky.

>>the earl will help you kick in 2009 in the dark back room with the rent boys and the howlies. $12

>>the star bar has a good line-up of local acts with the constellations, gringo starr, anna kramer, and a few others. apparently they'll be serving free bubbly. it's only $5. this is a pop death event. we love pop death.

>>there are also a hoard of DJ parties going on.

i think that does it. happy holidays. i hope santa brings you lots of fun presents. like socks! i love socks.
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